Palace denies Joma’s claim Duterte is ill and in a coma

MANILA, Philippines – Malacañang Palace vehemently denied the claims by Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chairman Joma Sison that President Rodrigo Duterte is ill and is now in a coma.

Palace assures Duterte is “fine and well”
Palace assures Duterte is “fine and well” | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Presidential Communications

In the press conference today, Monday, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque refuted Sison’s claims saying that the President is “fine and well.” Roque gave assurances that Duterte is currently in Davao City to enjoy the festivities of the Kadayawan Festival.

Roque slammed Sison saying, “As usual, Joma Sison does not know what he talks about. How would he know the state of the health of the President when he is in faraway Netherlands?”

This came after the CPP founder posted on his Facebook a photo of Duterte allegedly looking “dark, seriously ill.”

Sison wrote, “Those who saw him reported that the darkness of his face had become aggravated from its appearance the other day and that his walk and handshake had become more unstable.”

Sison also claimed that the President has slipped into a coma. “The latest report (still to be verified or negated) is that Duterte has gone into coma since the afternoon or evening of today, Sunday, August 19,” he said.

Roque dismissed the claim that Duterte looks ill by saying that “I don’t see extraordinarily different from the color of the President’s face.”

The spokesman said that the public shouldn't listen to Sison because he is a “revolutionary and not a doctor.” He also gave a remark to the President's critics, “Every time you wish him ill lalong lumalakas; kasing lakas naman ng kabayo ang Presidente.”

Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go also chimed in saying that Sison is only dreaming. He said, “Nasa kama lang nag-rest, kausap ko pa 2 a.m. kaninang madaling araw si PRRD. Baka nanaginip lang si Joma.”

Roque said that the 73-year-old President is to appear in public on Tuesday in Cebu City for the conference of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines. Duterte will also participate in events for the National Heroes Day.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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