Mon Tulfo claims public has lost respect towards doctors, refuses to apologize

MANILA, Philippines – Columnist and broadcaster Ramon “Mon” Tulfo decided to hit back on his “doctor-bashers” saying that the public has lost respect for them over his viral video.

On Facebook, Mon Tulfo responded to those lambasting him for his viral video in Philippine General Hospital (PGH.) Tulfo said, “Mas lalo kayong bumaba sa paningin ng taumbayan dahil sa isyu sa video ng doktor na ayaw asikasuhin ang batang pasyente.”

Mon Tulfo claims public has lost respect towards doctors, refuses to apologize
Ramon Tulfo says he apologizes to the patients of PGH but not to the doctor.

Recently, Tulfo’s driver accidentally hit a young girl in Navotas. Tulfo and his driver brought the girl to PGH. While inside the emergency room, Tulfo insisted in filming the treatment of the victim. The doctor on duty explained that no videos are allowed in the area. When Tulfo still insisted, the doctor refused to treat the girl. Emotions flared as the radio broadcaster got angry.

Tulfo defended himself against bashers who called out his behavior. He said, “Initially, we planned to record the condition of the child for future legal reference at hindi yung doktor na titingin sana sa bata. But the doctor refused to look over the patient, driving me to get upset.”

The radio broadcaster added that he took pity to the girl. He said, “Kung kayo ang nasa kalagayan ko, mga kaibigan, magagalit din kayo. Hindi ko kaanu-ano ang bata, pero nagmalasakit ako sa kanya.”

The TV personality also called out the PGH personnel saying that when he arrived at the ER, it looked like a “palengke.” He said he was appalled to see patients lying on the floor and not being attended. Tulfo also added that the doctors and staff were “parang manhid na sa paligid nila.”

Tulfo alleged that the lack of compassion was due to, “Porke ba dahil mayayaman sila at ang mga pasyente ay dukha?”

In a more recent post, Tulfo said that he is willing to apologize to the patients inside the PGH Emergency Room for his outbust but he will not apologize to the doctor. He wrote, “But i will never apologize to the doctor at the triage section who refused to look over the child patient I brought with me.”

The columnist explained, “I didn’t see any shred of compassion or empathy on his face. Wala siyang ipinakita na pagkabahala sa pasyente.” He continued that as a public hospital, PGH should not be hiding anything. Tulfo added that the reason why he got angry was, “Umalis siya na hindi inasikaso ang bata.”

PGH condemns Mon Tulfo

The Philippine General Hospital (PGH) already issued a statement condemning Mon Tulfo for “cyberbullying” and “doctor shaming.”

In a statement, PGH stated, “The PGH PA condemns the contemptible acts of Mr. Ramon Tulfo as his team videotaped the events at the ER triage while he was verbally abusing the staff members on duty as a minor he brought to the ER was being assessed."

The PGH group also called out Tulfo for naming the triage officer’s name without consent.

“Cyberbullying and doctor shaming are not only punishable by Philippine law, these also demean the healthcare workers’ and patients’ rights to privacy. We stand firm with the PGH community in upholding the rights of our staff, students, and especially the patients whom we serve," the group added.

Meanwhile, the All UP Academic Employees Union-Manila also took PGH’s side and called Tulfo’s action as “grossly irresponsible.” The Union asked the PGH personnel to take legal action on the incident.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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