Dedicated teacher “transforms” to become the “best visual aid” for her students

MANILA, Philippines – A teacher from Rizal proved that teaching is really about passion as she would painstakingly find creative ways to teach to her students.

Dedicated teacher “transforms” to become the “best visual aid” for her students
From a mermaid to a Sang’gre, Teacher Aileen transforms into just about anything for her students. That’s real dedication!

Teacher Aileen Sto. Domingo may look like an ordinary teacher with her books and school supplies. But once she prepares for her class, she transforms into just about anything to make sure she captures her students’ attention. From a “bruha,” mermaid to a Sang’gre, Teacher Aileen goes above and beyond to teach her students.

Teacher Aileen has been teaching for 24 years and is part of the “Project Lampara” The project aims to encourage students to study through creative reading and dialogue. Rain or shine, carrying their books, Teacher Aileen and her colleagues visit other barangays for their outreach program. While telling a story about “higante,” Teacher Aileen transforms into a mermaid. The children were all glued and captivated to the story.

Teacher Aileen believes that "the teacher is the best visual aid.” She admitted that sometimes it’s exhausting and tiring but she said, “Ang katawan napapagod pero ang puso hindi.”

The creative teacher added, “Ang pagtuturo ay isang misyon.” Teacher Aileen believes that being a teacher entails so much responsibility to help train and shape up the way how a child grows up.

After their lesson, Teacher Aileen would give their students some books. She said that it’s such a rewarding job to see how delighted the children were, some would even hug their books. Teacher Aileen shared that their joy is to see students learn how to read. She said, “Nakakatuwa ‘yung makikita mong wala pang isang taon marunong na silang magbasa. Daig pa namin ang nanalo sa lotto.”

Teacher Aileen shared their commitment to continue helping children. She said, “Ito pong aming ginagawa ay gagawin namin hangga’t kaya namin, hangga’t may mga taong naniniwala at tumutulong,hangga’t may mga batang umaasa, hangga’t kailangan kami, gagawin namin ang aming makakaya para sa mga bata.”

Here's the video courtesy of GMA News.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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