'Tipid Tips': Save and learn the P50-peso challenge

MANILA, Philippines – After the “piso challenge” became such a hit, netizens are again back for another helpful tip to grow their savings.
“Tipid Tips”: Save and and learn the P50-peso challenge

On Peso Sense Savers Facebook group, a netizen named Icom GP decided to share the newest trend of saving, “the P50 pesos challenge.” It is perfect for students or individuals who have troubles following a “financial savings chart.” The “singkwenta pesos” challenge is so easy and really doesn’t require much effort.

The key is whenever you get a P50 bill, you just placed it inside your “piggy bank.” Icom GP suggested to use a plastic folder to organize how much he saved per month.

“Tipid Tips”: Save and and learn the P50-peso challenge
Icom GP saved P12,000 within 5 months | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Icom GP

He wrote, “Wala pong sapilitan na ipon to na kapag may sukli ako na 50 pesos agad kong tintabi nilalagay agad sa sa plastic organizer ko para di ko na magastos.”

Icom GP said that he was able to save up over P12,000 within 5 months. He was overwhelmed with happiness that now that he no longer needs to get a loan or borrow to start a new business.

The “wais” saver wrote, “Akalain mo yun kung ginastos ko pala lahat ng 50 pesos ko simula January hanggang May wala akong 12,000 lalo n ngaun May business ulit akong papasukin need ko ulit puhunan.”

He couldn’t help but invite others to go and give it a try. Icom said, “Sana kayo din, umpisahan nyo na rin po mag ipon wala sa laki o maliit na halaga, ang importante may naiitatabi ka.”

Icom GP added how important it is to value our hard earned money, “kahit sa maliit na halaga lang pag pinagsama sama malaki rin pala.”

The “singkwenta challenge” goes viral

Another netizen Janeth Genebraldo Cadano‎ is also proud of her “singkwenta” savings. She proudly shared that because of the “P50 pesos challenge” she saved enough to finally go home to her hometown after 9 years. She wrote, “Mga ka peso yan po ung 50 pesos challenge ko sa kagustuhan kung umuwi sa province namin talagang pinag sikapan kung mag ipon.”

Cherry Ann Mae Dichoso also couldn’t believe that she was able to save P14,600.00 in 5 months using the P50-peso challenge. She also wrote, “I’m “not here to brag but to inspire” young adults like me or kahit sino na gusto din makaipon sa simpleng paraan.”

“Tipid Tips”: Save and and learn the P50-peso challenge
Cherry Ann was able to save P14,000 in 5 months | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Cherry Ann Mae Dichoso

— Sally, The Summit Express

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