Son gives tribute to father who has been a “yosi-tubig” vendor all his life


MANILA, Philippines – They say not all superheroes wear capes. This definitely holds true for one son who gave an emotional tribute for his hardworking father.

Son gives tribute to father who has been a “yosi-tubig” vendor all his life
Johndex father works as a water and cigarette vendor | Photo Courtesy: Twitter/Johndex Odtohan

For Johndex Odtohan, his hero works on the busy streets of Litex Rd. along Commonwealth Avenue. On his Twitter account, he shared how his father had been a “yosi-tubig” vendor as long as he can remember. The proud son wrote, “Bata palang kami, bilad na sya sa araw magdamag bitbit ang mabigat nyang box. Kahit bumabagyo nandyan siya sa kalsada nagtatrabaho.”

It was because of his father's sacrifices that he and his siblings were able to go to school. Jonndex said, “Ganunpaman, napag-aral niya kami at lumaki kaming matino at walang bisyo.”

Johndex also revealed that because he and siblings had fair skin, others would ask if they were really the children of the “dark skinned” vendor. He said, “Bakit ganyan kayo, kulay na ba talaga batayan ngayon? Ganyan siya kase masipag at matiyaga siya!”

The loving son said that his persevering father doesn't mind if his clothes are torn or if the weather is bad, as long as gets to sell all his “paninda” for the day. Johndex also added that despite being a vendor, their father never let them go hungry.

Johndex shared that his father worked rain or shine for them
Johndex shared that his father worked rain or shine for them | Photo Courtesy: Twitter/Johndex Odtohan

He wrote, “Kahit kapos lage sa pera, laging masarap ulam namin. Never kami ginutom sa bahay dahil laging may pagkain.”

On Father’s Day, Johndex and his family planned to go out and celebrate to show much they appreciate and love their father but the hardworking head of the family had other “plans.” Johndex said, “Pero nandoon na naman siya sa kalsada ayaw paawat. Ganyan yan, kahit birthday niya pa o pasko magtitinda padin talaga siya grabe..”

The tweet has gone viral with over 50,000 reactions.

Netizens shared Johndex's father's inspiring story saying that his family is lucky to have him. One netizen also commented that he has seen the vendor along Litex Road wearing a family picture around his neck.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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