The ‘perfect guy’ and ‘trash bag girl’ UP graduates go viral

Each year, there are students who gain social media fame for various reasons and, as always, they often receive mixed reactions from netizens.
The ‘perfect guy’ and ‘trash bag girl’ UP graduates go viral

Recently, two graduates from the University of the Philippines (UP) went viral on social media for their respective posts. They had two different reasons for going viral but netizens expressed admiration for them both.

One is Stephen Karl Quizon. He went viral on Facebook page Walwal when his photos and credentials were shared on the page, with the caption, “Kala ko ba nobody’s perfect?” (Didn’t they say nobody’s perfect?”

Stephen Karl Y. Quizon
UP Diliman Summa Cum Laude
Bachelor of Arts (Speech Communication)
WAG 1.193

Aside from graduating as summa cum laude, netizens just couldn’t get enough of his good looks that many liken to that of their favorite Korean stars! Do you agree?

In the post shared on Walwal, Stephen Karl posed in a standard graduation photo, wearing a sablay and a dazzling smile. In another photo, he was more serious but was posing like a model in a sporty getup.

Many are calling him as the ‘perfect guy’ because he has both good looks and a smart brain, something that many believe are difficult to find in one guy.

Of course, there were those who just couldn’t help but try to find fault on someone. Some commented he might be handsome and smart but he’s probably a bad person; others said he might be gay. Sigh. Why can’t we just be happy with other people’s success, eh?

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Aside from Stephen Karl, there’s Ciely Mendoza who also graduated from UP-Diliman. But her post was more controversial.

Wearing the sablay over a lovely Filipiana-inspired gown, Ciely had a triumphant smile while carrying two trash bags labeled ‘groupmates’. She captioned the post, “Para sa mga binuhat ko.” (For the people I carried.)

A lot of people had a good laugh with Ciely, sharing their own sentiments about also ‘carrying’ their groupmates to graduation but other were offended by her post.

There were people who slammed Ciely for the ‘insensitive’ post, saying that her groupmates would have surely seen this post by now and are most likely offended by it! Others said there’s no need to announce to the world that you were great in your studies and that the others just graduated because of your help.

But many cheered for Ciely, saying that those offended by the post were surely among those people who were also ‘carried’ by one person in their group. A lot also said that her Ciely’s groupmates have no right to be offended because they did get a good grade and graduated, when they didn’t even consider Ciely during the time when they were supposed to help her.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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