VIRAL VIDEO: Teacher shouts, threatens to hit a student

MANILA, Philippines – A video is going viral after a teacher loses her cool over a student and goes on to threaten her.

teacher berating, shouting, threatening to hit a student draws mixed reaction
A teacher threatens a student inside a classroom| Screengrab: Facebook/Ginalingan Eh

A relative of a student named “Glo” shared a video showing how a teacher shamed and threatened one of her students in front of the class. In the video, a teacher wearing a white cardigan can be seen shouting to the girl named “Glo” and calling her name.

The teacher asked Glo if it’s true that she’s a “gangster” and a “palaban” and said, “Nilalabanan ko ang mga palaban.” Following the story of the teacher, it seemed like she overheard the student calling the teacher names and disrespecting her to her classmates.

A very angry teacher raised her voice and told Glo, “Subukan mong di umattend ng praktis, subukan mong umabsent, subukan mong magtransfer, ipit na ipit ang grades mo sakin!"

She went on to tell the student, “Magsumbong ka sa nanay mo better! para magkaalaman kami ng magulang o guardian mo kung anong klaseng tao ka!"

"Ayaw mong mapahiya, pwes umayos ka!” she added.

The teacher went on to ask Glo to tell her what she told everyone behind her back. When the student refused to answer, the teacher exploded in anger and shouted “Tadyakan kita sa mukha!” and raised her leg towards the student.

According to the post, this isn’t the first time that the teacher threatened a student. The sender wrote, “Ok na sna sa akin ang mga nakita ko noon, nkalimutan ko na sna- mgbubulagbulagan na lang sna ako, mgbibingibingihan, kso naulit eh. Naulit ng naulit ang pmamahiya mo sa mga inosente at may mahinang loob na estudyante.”

The sender of the viral video asks the Department of Education to take action towards the misconduct of the said teacher. The video has gone viral with over 24,000 shares on Facebook.

Draws mixed reactions

The viral video has caused a debate on the netizen. Some took the side of the student and said that there should be a proper procedure and system in disciplining students. They added that there is no excuse for any teacher to hit or threaten a student under their care.

On the other hand, there are those who wanted to hear first the side of the teacher. They said that while it’s true that the teacher should have practiced more patience, there are just some unfortunate times that we just get frustrated. They also pointed out how difficult it is sometimes to discipline a teenager.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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