Teacher shares bad experience with Grab driver who called him “bobo”

MANILA, Philippines – A teacher couldn't help but rant about an awful experience he had with a rude Grab driver.

Teacher shares bad experience with Grab driver who called him “bobo”
Teacher Julius Galpao and a Grab driver argued over his location pin.

On Facebook, Teacher Julius Galpao shared his frustration over a driver who called him “bobo” and said that he was just a nuisance.

The Grab driver, identified to be Kenneth Cidro complained that Galpao allegedly made a mistake with his location pin. The Math teacher corrected the driver saying that his location is in Dela Costa and not in Amparo. Cidro insisted that the pin showing in their app is in Amparo and not Dela Costa. The driver went on to say, “Amparo ang pin niyo, ‘yan ang sinasabi ko. Ang bobo mo mag-pin, sayang ang diesel ko.”

“Huwag na kayo magdahilan, hindi ako pupunta ng Amparo kung hindi ito nakalagay. Paki-cancel, aksaya kayo ng oras,” Cidro continued.

Galpao had no choice but cancel the booking and chose another one. He was thankful that the next Grab driver turned out to be so much better. The new driver also confirmed that his location pin was really correct.

The teacher from Lagro High School in Quezon City said that he hopes this may serve as a lesson for others to be more respectful.

Galpao also reminded the rude driver to stop throwing derogatory words such as “bobo” to others. He said, “To kuyang driver, stop calling people "bobo,” especially teacher tong kausap mo. ‘Di ko nga mabanggit yang katagang yan sa mga students ko.”

Although Galpao hopes that Grab Philippines will take action on this matter, as of posting, no statement or action has been issued yet by Grab and the driver himself.

Submit a complaint

On their Facebook page, Grab states that they will be making initiatives to help stop rude/unprofessional drivers.

“Improving driver behavior is our utmost priority and we want you to know that we are taking this matter very seriously.”

If you had a bad experience with Grab taxi or its drivers, you can easily file a complaint via their Customer Care Service:

Customer Support Phone Numbers
Phone: +63 883 7100(Philippines)
Help Center: https://help.grab.com

— Sally, The Summit Express

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