VIDEO: Mother carries disabled daughter everyday to school to help fulfill her dream of graduating

MANILA, Philippines – The inspiring story of a mother and her disabled daughter who finished senior high school has won the hearts of many.

Cristina carried her daughter Jaylen to school everyday until she graduated senior high school
Crestina carried her daughter Jaylen to school everyday until she graduated senior high school | Photo Courtesy Facebook/ Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS)

Graduation is indeed a milestone for everyone but for Jaylen and her mother Crestina, it also means the celebration of their hard work and teamwork. The photo of Crestina smiling happily as she carried her disabled daughter, Jaylen up on stage to received her diploma has warmed the hearts of Filipinos.

Jaylen and Crestina, who are from Alabel, Sarangani have been inseparable as they both dreamed of finishing her studies. The persistent mother would carry her disabled daughter everyday to school. Jaylen already weighs 44 kgs, almost weighs as much as one sack of rice. Every morning, they would trudge rivers and hills riding their horse named Mando to reach her school.

Crestina shared that Jaylen was born a normal baby but was struck with polio at the age of 8. She admitted that there were others who discouraged her to send Jaylen to school. Others said that it's such a hard chore to carry a grown woman everyday on her back. Others also said that Jaylen education would just be a waste because she won’t find any job. But just like a loving mother, she brushed all the hearsays and believed in her daughter’s dream.

A tearful Jaylen shared that she hold on to her dream because she wants to save her family from poverty.

“‘Yung mama ko po ang silbing mga paa at mga kamay ko. Kaya minsan gusto ko na sumuko at bumitaw sa mga pangarap ko. Kaya lang nasa isip ko ang pamilya ko at kahirapan namin. Sinasabi ko paano kung bibitaw na ako, kung sa konting dahilan susuko na ako? Sinasabi ko na lang, ‘Jaylen, huwag kang susuko, kaya mo ‘yan eh.’”

The persevering student revealed that she almost didn’t graduate because they didn’t have money for her On The Job training (OJT). With a heavy heart, they had to pawn their beloved horse, Mando for P5,000 and had to endure walking everyday to school, just so that Jaylen can comply with the requirement.

Finally, Crestena carried her daughter on her back on the way to school for the last time. After six long years, Jaylen was now a proud graduate. Crestina couldn’t explain her emotions, “Masaya pero naiiyak ako.”

Jaylen too was emotional for finally fulfilling her dream of finisher her studies. She said, “Mahirap ang taong walang pangarap pero mas mahirap ang taong may kapansanan na walang pangarap.”

Support pours in

As their story was featured in hit show, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” (KMJS), support had poured in for the Jaylen’s family.

The KMJS team had even sent Jaylen for a medical check -up and surprised Jaylen with a wheelchair. The mother and daughter were emotional as they thanked the team.

But their biggest surprise was what sent Jaylen and Crestina in tears. Jaylen was granted a full scholarship to finish any college degree she wants plus a monthly stipend by the Office of the Municipal Mayor.

For those willing to send any financial assistance to Jaylen and Crestina Lee, you can send them here:

BRANCH: Alabel, Sarangani Province

Watch the heartwarming story here:

— Sally, The Summit Express

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