Metrobank and PSBank enable 2,400 ATMs nationwide for Cardless Withdrawal

MANILA - Were you ever caught up in a situation where you are in an immediate need of cash but found out that you have left your ATM card at home or misplaced your card and cannot withdraw funds from your account?

Metrobank and PSBank enable 2,400 ATMs nationwide for Cardless Withdrawal

This time, you can relax and break free from the stress of it happening again! With Metrobank and PSBank’s Cardless Withdrawal feature, you can access your money through their Mobile Banking Apps and withdraw cash anytime without having to use an ATM Card in 2,400 Metrobank and PSBank ATMs nationwide.

To use the Cardless Withdrawal feature, you just have to follow these easy and simple steps:

1. Log in to your PSBank or Metrobank Mobile App.
2. Select “Cardless Withdrawal” to create a transaction request.
3. Choose the account where the amount will be withdrawn.
4. Type in your nominated 4-digit PIN and the amount you wish to withdraw.

After providing the details needed, you will receive a unique six-digit system-generated PIN 2 that is valid within 30 minutes from the time of your request. After getting the two PIN codes, you may then proceed to any Metrobank or PSBank ATM to start your Cardless Withdrawal transaction.

For every single transaction, you can take out as much as PhP10,000, with a daily maximum withdrawal limit of PhP30,000.

The new feature also offers a multi-factor authentication that provides an added layer of security to protect cardholders from fraudsters.

PSBank and Metrobank constantly aim to provide convenient yet safe and secure modes of cash withdrawal for all valued customers.

— The Summit Express

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