Customer discovers price discrepancies in ‘sale’ items at SM

MANILA, Philippines – A lot of us love to go malls and enjoy buying items that are on sale. After all, we see this as excellent value for your money because you get to buy these items at cheaper prices. But are mall sales really real sales or are they just trying to attract us to buy but the items aren’t really much cheaper than the original price?
Customer Discovers Price Discrepancies in ‘Sale’ Items at SM

Well, there really are authentic mall sales that offer customers greatly slashed prices but TV5 News Cameraman Arnel Tugade witnessed something at an SM Store that made people double these supposed ‘mall sales’…

Customer Discovers Price Discrepancies in ‘Sale’ Items at SM
Photo credit: Arnel Tugade / Facebook

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, Tugade shared that they had gone to SM San Jose del Monte (SJDM) in Bulacan when they noticed the Melawares kitchenware items being on sale. In the photos, there were items on sale for 10% off and others on 30% off.

Tugade picked the items he liked which were on sale for 10% off but when he went to the cashier to pay, he noticed huge price discrepancies. It turned out that the original price for the items is actually much lower than the supposed promo price!

Customer Discovers Price Discrepancies in ‘Sale’ Items at SM
Photo credit: Arnel Tugade / Facebook

These are the prices, according to Tugade’s post:

Promo price:

Serving Bowl P79 less 10% = P71

Original price (scanned price): P63

Promo price:

Tumbler P42 less 10% = P38

Original price (scanned price): P34

Knowing his rights as customer, Tugade told the cashier about this; the cashier told him it’s not her fault as their job is to total the items that customers buy. She called the merchandiser who admitted that they made a mistake on the price tag.

Tugade insisted that this was wrong because the barcode reflects a much lower price than the supposed sale. He claims that this meant the brand has added a 20% increase to its original price and passed it off as ‘sale’ when, in fact, you are just paying for the original price.

SM Department Store Manager RC FINEZ first insisted that Tugade pay the amount on the price tag which was higher than the barcode but after Tugade insisted as well that according to the law, customers have to pay the lower price, he was asked to make a letter of complaint.

He was brought the SM’s Customer Service where another manager, LADYLYN BAYUBAY, decided to tear his letter.

In the end, he was given the much lower price, the one on the scanned code.

After his post went viral, both Melawares and SM posted their official statements regarding the issue.

Melawares statement SM discrepancies issue
Photo credit: Melawares / Facebook

SM statement SM discrepancies issue
Photo credit: The SM Store

— Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express

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