Baby dies in boat trip from Cebu to Manila, parents slam incompetent doctor on board

MANILA, Philippines – A 4-month-old baby died in a boat trip from Cebu to Manila, just an hour before the boat docks at the pier; his parents have now slammed the incompetent doctor on board, saying the baby could have still survived if the doctor treated him and provided the first aid.

The baby boy was known as Baby Angelo, 4 months old. He was traveling with his parents from Cebu to Manila.

Baby Angelo dies boat trip
Photo credit: Facebook / OFW Kalingawan

He was in the pink of health before they boarded the boat but the supposedly fun trip to Manila turned into tragedy and he wasn’t able to even make it to land before he passed away.

His parents shared the heartbreaking story of his death on board the boat, identified as 2GO SFX3 (St. Francis Xavier 3).

UPDATE: Parents seek help from Tulfo for baby who died due to doctor’s neglect in 2GO boat

Baby Angelo’s mother shared what happened, writing that he was still a healthy, happy kid when they boarded. She noted that there were even workers on board who played with the baby, making him laugh a lot the night the boat left the port.

The next morning, however, things suddenly turned bad. At 7 am, Baby Angelo began vomiting and having diarrhea. His distraught parents immediately took him to the clinic but the doctor refused to give them any medicine or even a possible diagnosis because he is not a pediatrician.

Baby Angelo dies boat trip Cebu to Manila
Add captionPhoto credit: Facebook / OFW Kalingawan

Knowing that the boat will arrive in Manila at 7 pm, the parents begged the doctor to give the child first aid or any medication but the doctor insisted that he had no knowledge in pediatrics. So, the poor parents had no choice but to go back to their beds.

The child continued to refuse milk and was passing too much water stools as well as vomiting. The couple went back again and again to the clinic, even though the doctor continued to refuse helping them, because they hoped that the child might find help and the doctor would take pity on his condition. But he still ignored them.

That afternoon, with the child’s condition getting worse, they found the doctor at the salon, enjoying a foot spa. They were still ignored but the salon staff helped them out, massaging the child and putting manzanilla (an anti-flatulent oil) on his body because he was already looking pale at the time.

At 4 pm, a nurse arrived. The couple was shocked to learn that there was actually a nurse on board because the doctor never called her. But by then, the child’s condition had worsened.

At 5 pm, less than 12 hours after he started having diarrhea and vomiting, Baby Angelo was already struggling to breathe. It was only at this point that the doctor appeared panicked but the child’s parents claimed that it took a long time for the oxygen to be connected to the baby because the doctor appeared unsure of what to do.

Baby Angelo dies boat trip Cebu to Manila
Photo credit: Facebook / OFW Kalingawan

Sadly, before 6 pm, about an hour shy of their arrival at the Port of Manila, Baby Angelo passed away. It was something that was very difficult to accept as a parent, especially considering that there was supposed to be a doctor on board who could have saved his life…

Rest in peace, Baby Angelo! We pray for justice.

— Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express

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