13 reasons why employees resign

Many employers have this wrong notion that just because they offer attractive salaries and benefits, their employees are going to stay for good. Of course, while a huge salary and exciting perks are definitely a huge plus for employees, those still don’t guarantee that they are actually going to stay for good!

13 Reasons Why Employees Resign

Here are the 13 top reasons why employees resign, based on exit interviews; we have excluded unavoidable personal reasons such as moving to a new place to be with family, marriage, illness of worker or family member, and the like.

Employers should take note of these, especially considering how costly and frustrating it can be to lose your best employees to things that are actually within your control…

1. Promotion Issues

By nature, humans were born competitive and have this goal to rise up the corporate ladder. They might just look someplace else for a promotion.

Why quit job - Promotion Issues

2. Feeling Overworked

You might be giving your workers a good salary but if they have to work extra-long hours, they might quit to find an easier job even if that meant accepting a lower salary.

3. Horrible Bosses

While top management can be good guys, the direct supervisors and managers might be giving your employees a terrible time! No one likes to have a tyrant, controlling boss.

Why quit job - horrible bosses

4. Looking for Challenge

When the job becomes too boring, your employees might look someplace else for a challenge.

5. Lack of Recognition

Everyone wants to feel appreciated but if you can’t appreciate your employees’ best efforts, you’d soon see those resignation letters coming in.

6. No Work/Life Balance

See those travel posts on social media? Everyone wants to enjoy their lives outside the workplace, too. Provide your workers with good work/life balance so they won’t leave.

13 Reasons Why Employees Resign

7. Want Higher Pay

Of course, getting higher pay is always awesome but as you might have noticed, it isn’t always the most important thing for your employees.

8. Change of Work Hours

After months or years of working on fixed working hours (or graveyard shifts, perhaps), some people might want a change of schedule; this is why many are going the freelance route. Perhaps you can offer them that option?

9. Relationship with Coworkers

While this is beyond your direct control, team building activities can help workers develop better relationships with each other.

13 Reasons Why Employees Resign

10. Job Didn’t Meet Expectations

People have certain expectations but if these are not met, many would just go and find something that would suit their goals.

11. No Professional Development

A lot of companies focus on their own revenues, forgetting that employees also want professional growth. Provide training options and seminars. Remember, better employees also improve your company.

13 Reasons Why Employees Resign

12. Feeling Micro-managed

Let your employees do their jobs as independently as they could, giving them the freedom to be the best workers you hired them to be. If they feel like you are watching their every move, they will feel inadequate and resentful.

13. Job Mismatch

The key to growing your business is hiring the right people to do the right job. A job mismatch not only becomes a struggle for your workers but could be a costly mistake for your company.

Note: All photos courtesy of Pixabay.

— Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express

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