Veteran actor Bernardo Bernardo passes away at 73

    MANILA, Philippines - Veteran actor and educator Bernardo Bernardo passed away at the age of 73.

    Bernardo Bernardo passed away at age 73
    Bernardo Bernardo passed away at age 73 | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Bernardo Bernardo

    Bernardo’s niece Susan Vecina Santos shared the sad news on Thursday, March 8. His wake is currently being held at St. Peter’s Chapel in Quezon City.

    Although the cause of death was not revealed, Bernardo has long shared his battle with pancreatic tumor.

    Early this January, the actor posted a heartfelt message on Facebook asking for prayers from family, friends and fans. “[M]y pancreas is swollen because of a tumor, possibly malignant, growing in the head of the pancreas…I have lost my appetite for food and, consequently, lost a lot of weight at an alarming rate in such a short span of time,” Bernardo wrote.

    The theater actor added he had to undergo one or two more procedures to determine if the tumor found in his pancreas is malignant.

    Bernardo last starred in Ang Larawan
    Bernardo last starred in Ang Larawan | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Bernardo Bernardo

    Bernardo has been known for his comedic acting in Dolphy’s hit sitcom “Home Along Da Riles.”
    He was last seen acting in the award-winning MMFF entry “Ang Larawan” last year.

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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