#MMKEqualRights: Norman uses his education to uphold rights of aetas

MANILA, Philippines - Zaijan Jaranilla gives life to the story of Norman, a teenager who wants to help his fellow Aetas uphold their rights as Filipinos this Saturday (March 24) in “MMK.”

#MMKEqualRights: Norman uses his education to uphold rights of aetas

Ever since, Norman knew that they were being discriminated. His father, Roman (Jhong Hilario), personally experienced this when he was forced to sign a waiver stating that he was not allowed to be promoted because of his lack of degree in education and his color.

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Instead of getting discouraged, Norman used his father’s case as an inspiration to finish his studies. One day, however, a group of Koreans showed interest to claim their ancestral land.

How did Norman used his knowledge to help his fellow Aetas?

Joining this upcoming episode are Bugoy Carino, Nikki Valdez, and Jess Evardone.

The episode is directed by Dado Lumibao and is written by Joan Habana. “MMK” is led by business unit head Roda C. dela Cerna.

WATCH: Life story of Norman in MMK (video courtesy of ABS-CBN):

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