Did Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 encounter something non-human?

Social media is abuzz about new speculations on what happened to the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370), the international flight that disappeared and was never found.

Did Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 encountered something non-human?

On Twitter, a user reported receiving a “coded voicemail.” It was in military codesign which translates to, “Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human sos danger SOS.” What’s more, the voicemail also gave a series of number.

Users started doing their investigations on the meaning behind the “series of numbers.” The numbers when used as coordinates, pointed to a location near Malaysia. Digging deeper, it revealed that it was within the area in the radar where flight MH370 was last seen.

But the voicemail was just sent recently, exactly four years since the flight’s disappearance last March 2014. User speculated that “What if we're listening to some sort of distress signal from that flight?”

Another user brought up the idea of “parallel universe,” that maybe there was a glitch from our universe colliding with another universe and the flight got lost. The “distress signal” could mean that somewhere out there, the flight is asking to be heard.

“Making Monsters?”

Another theory behind the “series of numbers” also rose when they used “Tor browser.” It’s a tool to use when you want to be anonymous online and you want to improve your safety and security on the internet.

The numbers resulted to a one-page study about a “genome research” by a Chinese professor Yong Qian. There was a series of terms about “genome biosequence,” which according to the user means “probably someone was messing with genetic engineering and probably tried creating something. scary right? so someone is REALLY creating monsters in secret?”

The user theorizes that maybe, just maybe, he made a big error with his “genome” experiment that he sent out a mass message giving the public a warning.

Diego Garcia

Another theory was brought up about the existence of Diego Garcia. It is not a person but a US naval base along situated not far from the island of Sri Lanka. It said to be US’ special base to “eliminate political threats,” where they can deploy forces and provide logistical support to their allies.

A user whose into cryptography decoded the SOS message and found a series of codes. Using the code, they were directed to a NASA link about testing “jet propulsion.” They ask, “Could it be that nasa was targeting the flight because it held important secret information?”

They pointed out the fact about the 2 Iranian men with fake passports and one Chinese scientist on board the flight. It turns out the the scientist allegedly was carrying a “new form of tech" that could change biological warfare.”

Could it be possible that flight MH370 had a “seek and destroy” mission from Diego Garcia?”

It has been four years since the flight disappeared. The aircraft has not been recovered, and the cause for the disappearance remains unknown.

You can read the Twitter thread about the discussion:

— Sally, The Summit Express

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