Family and friends of Vic and Pauleen defend Baby Talitha from bashers

MANILA, Philippines - Family and close friends of Pauleen and Vic Sotto decided to hit back at bashers who criticized their daughter, Talitha.

It started when Oyo Boy posted on his Instagram an adorable photo of his baby son, Vin. One netizen commented that baby Vin is so cute that he looks like baby Tali. Another netizen chimed in and replied, “Ang layo naman, ang gwapo gwapo niyan. kitang kita naman ng lahat kung sino kamukha ng anak ni Poleng… si Ryzza Mae.”

Baby Talitha
Baby Talitha | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Bossing Vic

This caused a barrage of mixed reactions from netizens. Some agreed, some felt offended while other argued that there was nothing wrong with being compared to Ryzza Mae Dizon.

Oyo Boy decided to intervene and stated, “Please stop. Tali is my sister. Kung yung ibang tao nakikita na may hawig sila ng anak ko, walang problema dun. Kanya kanya yan. Tama na. Thank you."

Veteran writer Lolit Solis also has a few words for those bashing Baby Talitha. Manay Lolit who is Pauleen’s manager posted on Instagram her reaction on those criticizing the baby’s looks. She stated, “Para maman talaga sa isang nanay, di ba, nakakainis kung sinasabing kamukha ng iba ang anak mo?”

“Ok lang kung kamukha mo o kamukha ng tatay, o kamukha ni Ms. Universe o sino pang sikat na artista, pero iyong kani-kanino ikumpara, foul naman di bah!”

She added that babies are “angels” and shouldn’t be involved in “intrigas.”

Mommy appreciates

Mommy Pauleen seems to have appreciated the effort of defending her daughter. She replied to Lolit’s post saying, “Thank you, nay! Wala naman sigurong nanay ang papayag na kung ano ano sabihin sa anak niya.”

Baby Tali is now 3 months old
Baby Tali is now 3 months old | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Bossing Vic

The celebrity mom reiterated that there’s no problem when others see a similarity with Ryzza as long as there’s no malice in their comments. She said, “If there are people who think that Tali looks like Ryzza, no problem. But for me, she’s a combination of her mom and her dad.”

Pauleen added, “Pero para mag-comment ng kung ano ano lang, para lang may masabi, at halatang may malisya yung comment, eh hindi naman pwede yun. Pati ako nadadamay na, ang daming imbento tungkol sakin. Hay oh well! May mga tao talagang madaming hanash!”

The actress-host also decided to keep her Instagram private.

Mom’s little morena version

Baby Talitha just turned 3 months last February 6. Her mom, Pauleen couldn’t be any happier at her bundle of joy. She posted on Instagram a lovely photo of Baby Tali and described her happiness. She calls Baby Tali as “little morena version of me” who fills them with sunshine.

Baby Tali is her mom’s “little morena version”
Baby Tali is her mom’s “little morena version” | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Pauleen Luna-Sotto

The first-time mom wrote, “3 months since you came into this world my little morena version! Thank you for filling our days (and mama’s nights) with your bright sunshiny smile! You have given us immeasurable joy, little one! All of God’s grace in one tiny face.”

Pauleen added, “Thank you for being behaved, sweet and easy! I will always be here for you and protect you from anyone who tries to hurt you. I love you, Talitha.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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