“Jesus is for all”: A homeless man was ‘denied’ communion at a Church in Malabon

A Catholic church in Malabon is under fire after a story of how one of its lay ministers “denied” communion to a homeless man went viral on Facebook.

Netizen named Gani Triste expressed his disappointment on what he witnessed during a mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus in Tugatog, Malabon.

A homeless man was ‘denied’ communion at a Church in Malabon
This homeless man was allegedly denied receiving the communion at Sacred Heart of Jesus in Malabon. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Gani Triste

Triste explained that during the Holy Communion, a homeless man let everyone to fall in line ahead of him but was allegedly refused to be given the sacred host. He said, “This homeless man patiently waited to receive the holy communion, but when his time comes, he was neglected by the lay minister.”

Triste felt so frustrated about witnessing the scene that he called the attention of the usher who simple replied, “‘Di namin siya napansin.”

Triste reasoned that it was “very impossible because he fell in line and they saw him.”

After the mass, Triste still couldn’t let go of the seemingly bad feeling that he went up to the priest and told him about the incident. Triste was expecting for the Priest to be apologetic but was surprised when he nonchalantly answered, “Sabihin mo ‘wag sya magtatampo, next time dalawa ibibigay ko sa kanya.”

The viral story caused the netizens to call out Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) for the seemingly insensitive remark of the priest and the alleged discrimination of the church towards the poor and needy. Triste captioned his post with the meaningful hashtags #notodiscrimination #Jesusisforall.

homeless man was ‘denied’ communion at a Church in Malabon

— Sally, The Summit Express

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