VIRAL VIDEO: OFW bids tearful goodbye to her employer she served for 33 years

MANILA, Philippines - An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) was spotted at the airport tearfully saying goodbye to her employer of 33 years.

OFW bids tearful goodbye to her employer she served for 33 years
Screengrab from Facebook videos/Anthony Enriquez.

The heartwarming moment was captured by Anthony Enriquez and the touching videos had gone viral. The OFW worked in the Middle East and took care of her employer’s entire family from their children to their grandchildren. One by one, the family members hugged and thanked their beloved househelp. All of them were in tears as they said their final goodbyes to the woman who took great care of them for years.

The OFW, now being assisted in a wheelchair also couldn’t help but be tearful as she thanked her employer who she had treated as family. She is now ready to go back home and be welcomed by the family she left for a long time.

The story became viral because we often hear stories of abuses from our OFW in the Middle East. Heartwarming stories like this are rare that netizens couldn’t help but be impressed with the kindness of the employer and the dedication of the Filipina.

Just like any OFW who sacrifice so much to give their family a good life, this OFW is a true hero.

Mabuhay ka, nanay!

— Sally, The Summit Express

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