MMFF 2017: After just one day, “Ang Larawan” pulled out in some cinemas

MANILA, Philippines - Just a day after the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2017 kicked off, official entry “Ang Larawan” had already been pulled out in some cinemas.

MMFF 2017: After just one day, “Ang Larawan” pulled out in some cinemas
A film based on a masterpiece by national artist Nick Joaquin, Ang Larawan struggles in the box office. Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Ang Larawan Movie

Despite the MMFF policy that no entry will be removed from the cinemas during the first week, the producers of the independent film decided to concede.

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MMFF 2017 Spokesperson Noel Ferrer explained that the producers of “Ang Larawan” and the cinema owners came to a decision after learning of their first-day sales.

Ferrer added that the producers acknowledged that they don’t have audience in certain areas. He said, “Mayroon talaga extreme scenario na mismong mga producers ay makikita nila na, 'Ay, hindi namin market iyan.' Kaya ibinibigay na rin nila iyong mga theaters.”

The cinema owners agreed that they will continue to screen “Ang Larawan” in January 2018.

Meanwhile, the casts and team of the indie film had been rallying to keep the critically acclaimed film. Paulo Avelino, one of the lead stars invited everyone to catch it in some cinemas.

Ryan Cayabyab, the musical director also urged everyone to try their work.

Several big names had been recommending “Ang Larawan” on social media to “give it a chance.”

“Ang Larawan” was based on “A Portrait of the Artist” written by national artist Nick Joaquin. It was translated by another national Bienvenido Lumbera and music by Ryan Cayabyab. It stars Rachel Alejandro, Joanna Ampil, Robert Arevalo, Nonie Buencamino, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, among others.

It had been well- applauded by critics during its premiere in the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival last month.

Here’s the official trailer of Ang Larawan:

Here’s the list of cinemas that have stopped the showing of the film:

MMFF 2017: After just one day, “Ang Larawan” pulled out in some cinemas


— Sally, The Summit Express

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