WATCH: Isabel Granada’s husband bids a tearful goodbye

Everyone seems to be mourning the untimely passing of the singer-actress Isabel Granada. Isabel’s husband, Arnel Cowley, shared a tearful message of appreciation to everyone who helped and supported them. He also shared how “hurt and sad” he is in the passing of his “baby” and reminded everyone to “don’t take things for granted.”

Isabel Granada’s husband bids a tearful goodbye
Photo Credit: Facebook/Arnel Principe-Cowley
Everyone was in shock when Isabel Granada collapsed and was in coma due to aneurysm in Doha, Qatar. More than a week after, Isabel passed away at the age of 41. The public couldn’t believe the sad news of her death, especially her husband.

Cowley shared an emotional message to Isabel’s fans, friends and supporters. He shared how grateful he is that the Filipino community in Doha helped them through such a difficult time.

Cowley became emotional when he recalled her loving wife as they were supposed to be celebrating their second anniversary. They were both very excited to have a good time in Doha and were in high spirits when they left Manila.

He said that while he bids goodbye to Isabel, he was kissing her hand and telling her to rest. Cowley admitted that it came to a point when he wished that “sana ako na lang,” because he knew Isabel still had so much to offer. He described Isabel as “my world, my life.”

Cowley left a touching message to Isabel, “Baby, wherever you maybe, I want you to know that I love you so so much.”

On his Facebook account, he also posted a photo of their wedding with a poignant message of love:

“Oh how I wish that I can hold you around my arms again. Oh how I wish that I can have another day with you. Part of me also died the day you left me. You are my true love and will always be.

I Love You so so much and miss you being beside me always. You have given me happiness since the day we reunited again. I wish that we could have been together forever. My Baby Isabel Granada.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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