VIDEO: ABS-CBN, GMA Christmas Station ID 2017 spread love and happiness

‘Just love; buong pusong magmahalan ngayong Christmas.’

ABS-CBN and GMA have lighted up the spirit of the Holiday Season with the release of their Christmas lyric videos for 2017. Through their star-studded recording and heartfelt lyrics on speakers and screens, both stations spread a strong message of love and compassion; clearly reflecting the essence of the Filipino’s warm-hearted Christmas.

ABS-CBN, GMA Christmas Station ID 2017 spread love and happiness

Their messages are deeply-rooted in Filipino values. Both ABS-CBN and GMA show a glimpse of how love is in the country through their catchphrases: Just Love and Magmahalan nang Buong Puso, respectively.

Just Love Ngayong Christmas

Watch: ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2017 “Just Love Ngayong Christmas” Recording Lyric Video (Video courtesy of ABS-CBN Entertainment)

In ABS-CBN’s Christmas Station ID 2017, Robert Labayen, Lloyd Oliver Corpuz, and Christian Faustino’s words of love, faith, and kindness shines through. These words are made even more beautiful by Jimmy Antiporda’s moving melody. The song has attained fourth place in Youtube PH’s trending videos, with a view sum of 1.9 Million and counting.

The song has 38 Kapamilya singers, through their musical voices, tell everyone the importance of love and peace this Christmas. Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga, and Sarah Geronimo start the song by conveying to everybody how easy it is to find beauty by searching with the heart. The song emphasizes how God’s love can inspire anyone and everyone. To highlight their message, ABS-CBN’s children singers end the song by telling everyone to spread love.

ABS-CBN’s children singers Christmas Station ID 2017
Photo Credit: YouTube/ABS-CBN Entertainment
While ABS-CBN decides to keep things short and straight to the point with #JustLOVE, GMA titled their Christmas lyric video with a witty play on words:

MaGMAhalan nang Buong Puso

Watch: GMA Christmas Lyric video 2017 (Video courtesy of GMA Network)

GMA presents a gift of love with BJ Camaya, Rexy Jolly Conopio, and Jann Lopez’ lyrics. Len Calvo’s melody soothes the heart by convincing others to give away their heartfelt love this Christmas. The message has been received 200+ thousand times on Youtube, with a playful lyric typography that inspires its viewers to prioritize happiness and love over differences.

ABS-CBN vs GMA Christmas Station ID 2017
Photo Credit: YouTube/Donna Mae Gonzalvo
With stars and singers like Alden Richards and Julie Anne San Jose, GMA’s lyric video depicts the Filipino’s generosity by gifting unconditional love to others. The song celebrates the beauty of even the simplest gifts; if they could just be given straight from the heart. It encourages happiness through showing anyone and everyone what care and compassion is.

GMA MagMahalan ng Buong Puso Ngayong Pasko
Photo Credit: YouTube/GMA Network
While ABS-CBN and GMA present their songs with different lyrics and atmospheres, both intertwine in a singular, heartfelt message: to spread love and happiness this Christmas season. Just love ngayong Christmas, magmahalan nang buong puso.

‘Just love; buong pusong magmahalan ngayong Christmas.’

— Kaye Lara, The Summit Express

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