WATCH: $1,000 iPhone X easily gets cracked in just one drop

MANILA, Philippines - Apple’s iPhone X (iPhone 10) has officially been released at least in the US, UK and other parts of Asia and Europe last weekend. Tech mavens and early adopters camped out at various Apple stores just to have the first dibs on the the company’s most high-end smartphone. But the question is, can the $1,000 phone survive the normal wear and tear and petty accidents?

 $1,000 iPhone X easily gets cracked in just one drop

The tech geeks from CNET, an online tech website who specializes in gadget reviews subjected the hyped-up iPhone X to different scratch and drop tests. The result? Well, it’s not good at all and it’s cringy.

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The experts started with the scratch test using the tip of the key to simulate the normal and usual contact of sharp and edgy objects with any phone when it’s inside the pocket, bag or purse. The reviewer applied too much pressure on the phone’s screen with the key and... congratulations! It didn’t get scratched. She then used a sandpaper which obviously a bad idea. Different result as the key’s, it got visible scratch marks on it. Who would keep a sandpaper inside his pockets anyways?

CNET folks then proceeded to the drop tests. They set the 3 feet height limit to illustrate the normal scenario of pulling out a phone from one’s pocket and accidentally slips and drops it. First drop test was backside down and it sustained obvious damage. Poor guinea pig.

The last test, they dropped it screen side down and voila! The screen suffered another vicious hit and instantly cracked! The good news though: despite the massive intentional blows, the iPhone X is still working!

Watch how the tech geeks torture the $1,000 iPhone X (Credit:

The tech gurus however didn’t try to drop it from a two-storey building like what other experts did to the old and new Nokia 3310s. Surely, everyone who’ll see iPhone X falls from a rooftop will certainly have a heart attack.

After the tests, experts do suggest the buyers to invest into hard cases as well to prolong the lifespan of the thousand-dollar smartphone which is additional revenue for Apple and other gadget companies. How clever right?

iPhone X will not be available here in the Philippines this year. Globe and Smart are both prioritizing the local release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8s which is set to be delivered to their valued clients on November 17.

Sellers from the grey market however, are importing the iPhone X before the holidays come. But the catch is, they are doubling the US and UK SRP or Php 90,000.

How about you? Are you willing to subject your Php 90,000 iPhone to scratch and drop tests? Post your comments here.

— Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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