Top 6 local, int’l celebrities in their Halloween costumes

One of the most awaited holidays all over the world is Halloween or Undas as we call it in our local tongue. For us Filipinos, this is the time that we visit our departed loved ones and reminisce the good times that they were with us. But outside the country especially in the western part of the globe, halloween means... party.

 Top 6 local, int’l celebrities in their Halloween costumes

As time passes by, the Filipino Undas tradition is slowly dying down. Gone are the days that we spend All Saints and All Souls’ Days inside the cemetery with our relatives and friends. The western Halloween tradition has already penetrated our country and we have embraced it with our arms wide-open.

In any malls, in any barangays and even in the smallest villages or subdivisions, annual trick or treats are being held, where you can see people in different age groups dress-up in their most scary or mesmerizing costumes.

Halloween and costume parties are being thrown on the eve of the All Saints’ Day in every part of the world and The Summit Express chose the top 6 local and international celebrities who certainly rocked their alter egos in fascinating costumes.

At number 6:

The “King” turned killer clown. Cleveland Cavaliers Superstar Lebron James showed his “dark side” as he suited up as Pennywise from the IT movie.

Lebron James pennywise
Lebron James as Pennywise. Photo Credit:
At number 5:

Ok, we get it. This year is the year of the killer clowns. We normally see Enrique Gil in suit and tux but for this event, another psycho clown got loose and tagged along with Valak from Conjuring 2 impersonated by Liza Soberano who set aside his pretty looks momentarily.

LizQuen Halloween costumes
LizQuen as Valak and Killer Clown. Photo Credit: LizQuen “Liza Soberano” and Enrique Gil Facebook Fan Page
At number 4:

NBA Champion Stephen Curry arrived at the Oracle Arena donning “Jigsaw” costume and on a kiddie trike before Golden State Warriors’ game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Stephen Curry Halloween
Steph Curry as Jigsaw. Photo Credit: NY Daily News
At number 3:

Hot Model Heidi Klum brought Michael Jackson “The Thriller Werewolf” back to life. Honestly speaking, she nailed it. We could’ve given her the top spot but, there’s someone better than her.

Heidi Klum Halloween
Heidi Klum as MJ Werewolf. Photo Credit:
At number 2:

Eat Bulaga Dabarkads’ Patricia Tumulak as Moana of Motunui. Have you noticed? She looks natural in her costume. A real Pacific Islander Beauty here!

Patricia Tumulak as Moana
Patricia Tumulak as Moana. Photo Credit: Bonita Penaranda Instagram

And at number 1:

We present to you, the Wayne family! Err… The Dantes family! Daddy Ding Dong in full Batman outfit while Mommy Marian as the ever sexy Cat Woman and look! Baby Zia as the Batgirl! She must be the cutest and the most adorable Batgirl that we’ve ever seen!

Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera and Zia
The Dantes as The Waynes. Photo Credit: Marian Rivera Instagram
Ladies and gentlemen, our Top 6 Celebrities in their Halloween costumes. If we miss any celebrities in terrific costumes, please feel free to comment them on our Facebook post.

— Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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