MMDA to Maria Isabel Lopez: “What you did is a breach of security”

MANILA, Philippines – Veteran actress and former beauty queen Maria Isabel Lopez has trended on Sunday, November 12, as she posted sensitive and controversial video of her breaking the traffic protocol by driving on EDSA lanes reserved for the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit and Related Meetings.

MMDA to Maria Isabel Lopez: “What you did is a breach of security”
Actress and former beauty queen Maria Isabel Lopez shared her traffic violation on social media. Photo Credit: Facebook/Maria Isabel Lopez

According to Lopez, she removed the traffic barriers and cones on the jam-packed EDSA and entered the ASEAN lane. She also narrated that the vehicles behind her car followed her lead to avoid getting stuck in the gridlock.

The actress seemed loud and proud of what she did and even captioned her post “If u can’t beat ‘em, join them!” with matching taunting hashtags: #belikemaria #pasaway and #selfpreservation.

Netizens didn’t like what Maria Isabel did and earned her thousands of hate comments along with 10,000 shares. The actress’ post reached the office of MMDA and its spokesperson, Celine Pialago emphasized that it is a clear breach of security while LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada stated that Lopez is not a good role model.

Metro Manila Development Authority spokesperson Celine Pialgo suggests to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to suspend Maria Isabel Lopez’ driver’s license as a sanction to the former beauty queen’s ill-deed.

“It's a serious breach of security. MMDA and LTFRB will now recommend to the LTO the suspension or cancellation of the driver's license of Ma. Isabel Lopez,” Pialgo said.

Lopez however reacted and explained on her Facebook account that she has a valid reason to enter the ASEAN lane. She also urged the netizens to watch her interview on GMA’s news program 24 Oras to see the entire picture of the scenario. The actress also apologized to the people who got affected by what she did.

UPDATE: WATCH: Maria Isabel Lopez explains her controversial video; LTO summons the actress

Tight security for ASEAN Summit

The country’s government officials are once again busy bees as the heads of South East Asian countries are set to arrive this weekend for the ASEAN Summit 2017. Aside from the ASEAN leaders, three of the most powerful politicians in world are in town as well. US President Donald Trump, Canada Prime Mister Justin Trudeau and Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will all be here to join their ASEAN counterparts for the summit.

Part of the government’s preparation is to provide an impeccable security in the metro to prevent any inconvenience and threat while the high-end event is being done. Weeks prior to the event, MMDA has already advised the people to expect heavy traffic in most parts of Metro Manila especially on EDSA due to road closures.

— Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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