‘Good samaritan’ Grab driver killed by carnappers posing as regular passengers

MANILA, Philippines - A Grab driver who once went viral for helping a passenger undergoing dialysis, was shot dead by unidentified suspects who posed as regular passengers. The ride-hailing platform company on Saturday, October 28, condemned the ruthless act and said that investigation is underway.

‘Good samaritan’ Grab driver killed by carnappers posing as regular passengers
Photo Credit: Facebook/Divine Lactao Ornum
Grab driver Gerardo Amolato Maquidato Jr was once hailed as a “model driver” for giving a free ride to a passenger who was on her way to pick up a bag of blood for her dialysis. The passenger, unfortunately, died but her family was able to thank Maquidato in person. Grab even awarded Maquidato for his compassionate service.

But sadly, such compassion is indeed rare in this world, for “good samaritan” Maquidato was mercilessly shot dead on Thursday night, October 26.

According to police reports, a witness heard a gunshot at around 7:50 in the evening on Thursday. A lifeless body was then seen being pushed out of a silver Toyota Innova as the unidentified suspects sped away using the vehicle.

It was Maquidato’s nephew, Rex Mer Solitario who first posted online about the incident. Grab Philippines released a statement confirming that Maquidato is a Grab driver. This prompted Grab to coordinate with the Philippine National Police - Highway Patrol Group to heighten their security as there has been a noted increase in the number of incidences of carnapping among Grab taxis.

Grab’s statement said, “Grab has taken steps in working on a tech solution that would decrease, if not completely hamper, the chances of carnapping incidents involving Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) – that have apparently been the latest target of lawless elements.”

It added a reminder to their drivers, “We encourage our driver-partners to be vigilant, and to use 911 hotline for emergency cases.”

The company had extended their condolences to the bereaved family of Maquidato. Grab Philippines stated, “Our prayers and sympathies go out to Mr Maquidato’s family. He was a good father to his 4 children, a good friend to many of his fellow drivers, and a good driver who was always willing to outserve his passengers. He will be missed.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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