WATCH: Family digs corpse of dead girl allegedly urinating, defacating

MANILA, Philippines - The family of a four-year-old girl from Barangay San Ignacio, Ilagan in Isabela decided to exhume her remains from the tomb after a faith healer told them that she was still alive.

Family digs corpse of dead girl allegedly urinating, defacating

But unlike Lazarus, Jenny Rose Jacinto didn’t come back from the dead and had to be buried again.

Jacinto, who succumbed to bacterial meningitis fell ill on August 28 and experienced high fever, vomiting, difficulty breathing and convulsions. Although she received treatment at Isabela Provincial Hospital, the four-year-old girl passed away on August 30.

Her family laid her to rest on September 1.

A day after her burial, a relative of the family told them that Jenny Rose was still alive as claimed by a faith healer named Loreto Dasalla. Convinced, the family dug up the girl’s corpse and were surprised to see that her body was still soft.

Moreover, witnesses claim that the girl urinated and defacated several times giving them more reason to believe that she was still alive.

Unfortunately, the family decided to bury Jenny Rose again as she didn’t come back to life after 24 hours.

The team of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS) decided to seek the help of experts to shed light on the peculiar incident.

In his interview with KMJS, medico legal officer Dr. Jay Jimenez explained that it’s normal for corpses to release body fluids since air produced from decomposition can push out body contents.

“When a person dies, part of the decomposition process is the production of gas. It is conceivable po that the gas can push the contents of the intestines out, kahit sa bladder out. How long it lasts, it also depends on the climate, but it’s generally held after 72 hours,” Dr. Jimenez said.

Watch the story below.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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