Netizens go crazy over Pinoy online app that lets you hire a boyfriend

Are you an unemployed male still looking for a job? If you love giving out compliments and attention to others, this may probably be the perfect job for you.

The recently launched Pangga App offers jobs to males willing to work as on-demand companions in various set-ups such as city guide, active lifestyle, movie and even as a boyfriend-actor.

Netizens go crazy over Pinoy online app that lets you hire a boyfriend

“Pangga App is the first on-demand city guide companion, active companion, movie companion, or boyfriend actor companion (portrayal only),” the online ad reads.

According to the ad, Pangga app is in need of partners who can do specific tasks depending on the demand of the client. Fitness coach or someone with an active lifestyle that could accompany clients to workout can apply as an active companion. Meanwhile, you can work as a city guide companion if you’re familiar with restaurants as well as interesting places around Metro Manila and is willing to accompany foreigners around the city.

Finally, if you can act as a boyfriend to female clients, then you can work as a boyfriend-actor companion. Keep in mind that you’ll only be acting out and inappropriate contact is not allowed

The app’s ad immediately went viral and generated online buzz.

Many male netizens expressed their interest in applying for the job, but others took interest in actually hiring a boyfriend actor companion from the app.

Meanwhile, several others expressed their doubts on the safety and legality of the app.

Here are some of their comments.

“Haha. Hay, anong nangyayari sa mga tao ngayon? Diba medyo lantaran ang objectification sa mga app na tulad nito? Oh well, if you want to be "decent" prostitute that's your choice lol,” says a certain Mario Haitami Barabarus.

Netizen Paolo Domingo wrote: “So ano? Lantaran na? Sorry, pero mukhang ginawan mo ng app ang "callboys". So ano ang guys? Subjects for objectification? Mababantayan mo ba yung "no inappropriate act?” Paano kaya kung babae 'to? Anong magiging reaction ng madla?”

“Meron ganyan sa japan nabalita some years ago. Kaso ang problema how safe yan? Its just like another public chatrooms na pagka nakipag eyeball or meet minsan di napupunta sa magandang patunguan,” Luis Abila commented.

August 5 Update: Pangga app seems to be missing right now as both of its Facebook and website can no longer be accessed.

In a report, Cebu City councilor Dave Tumulak pointed out: "This is still a form of prostitution and the City Government does not tolerate such practices."

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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