Puppy found in cement mixer collision site was father’s surprise gift to kids

MANILA, Philippines - Before he died in a tragic cement mixer collision, Ulysses Ramos gave his family a surprise gift that would later serve as a constant reminder of him to the family.

Puppy found in cement mixer collision site was father’s surprise gift to kids

Conrad, a two-month old puppy, was given by Ramos the morning before he was killed and his wife Marife and three children were injured in a vehicular collision along Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City on Tuesday, August 15. The newest member of the family was with them during the accident.

While Ramos, 34, was declared dead on arrival, Marife suffered a broken right arm, while their children sustained minor scratches. A few moments after the family was rescued, Conrad was seen following one of the survivors who was walking away from the wreckage.

According to Jail officer Jenny Ramirez, they immediately brought Conrad to the crash survivors as they were given first aid in the ambulance. However, they were asked by the family to temporarily take care of the puppy. Conrad was brought to a nearby office by a Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) employee.

Ramirez recounted that Conrad was shivering at the time he was brought to the office.

“Siyempre po, kinomfort po ng mga kasama ko yung dog kasi ano siya, nanginginig,” Ramirez told ABS-CBN News.

An animal lover, Ramirez did not think twice about returning Conrad back to his family. The following night, the puppy was brought to the grieving family at Ramos’ wake at a funeral home in Quezon City.

Puppy found in cement mixer collision site
Although still in pain because of the sudden loss of a family member, the Ramoses happily welcomed Conrad. Ramirez is hoping that Conrad would help the family cope with the tragedy.

Jayson Muleta, the driver of the cement mixer, is currently facing charges of reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property with homicide and multiple physical injuries.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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