Young girl suffers from seizure due to excessive gadget use

Does your child spend too much time using gadgets?

While many parents turn to gadgets in order to entertain and pacify their kids, a Filipino mother has come forward to give a warning about the dangers of excessive gadget use among children. Mompreneur Icon Molvizar Collamar has decided to share her family’s ordeal after her young daughter suffered from focal seizures due to too much use of gadgets.

Young girl suffers from seizure due to excessive gadget use
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Icon Molvizar Collamar
In a lengthy Facebook post, the mother-of-two revealed that her Grade 2 daughter Mikayla suddenly cried for help after taking a bath on the night of June 27. When Collamar rushed to her daughter’s side, she saw her having jerking.

Collamar immediately held her daughter’s head and checked for bruises and wounds. Although she didn’t find one, she noticed that her daughter was still slightly shaking.

“Mommy, d ko ma move ung (left) arm ko!” Mikayla told Collamar.

The 35-year-old mom then asked Mikayla to stand up but the latter suddenly fell on her arms. She then transferred her daughter to their bed and asked her about what happened.

“Mommy, ayaw talaga mag move ng arm ko.. look mo parang jelly na cya!”

Collamar noticed that her daughter’s right lips was drooping and had slurred speech. She also saw that Mikayla’s left arm and hand were paralyzed for a few minutes.

Eventually, she decided to bring her daughter to the hospital to find out what caused such condition.

After undergoing numerous tests, the doctor concluded that Mikayla is suffering from focal seizure, which is often caused by excessive use of gadgets. Symptoms include jerking of arms or legs on one side of the body, turning off the head or eyes to one side, tingling or other unusual feeling on one side of the body, as well as a fearful or “pained” look on the child’s face.

“Chineck si mikayla, nag bigay ng physical tests tapos sinabihan kami na nid ng EEG at MRI dhl nag suffer si mikayla sa FOCAL SEIZURE.. inalam nmin ang naging cause, d nya masagot ng maayos kng bkt na-trigger dhl wala pang EEG at MRI pero mostly the reason is EXCESSIVE USE OF GADGETS,” Collamar wrote.

The doctor advised Collamar to limit her daughter’s screen time to a maximum of two hours a day and not to allow her to stay up late at night.

“Ang sakit na focal seizure ay hindi po nakakahawa na pag hinawakan mo ang isang taong nag se-seizure ay pati ikaw ay mg seizure dn, hindi po totoo un.. para po maiwasan natin sa mga anak natin ang ganitong klaseng sakit at i-minimal use natin sila sa mga gadgets, tv or computer at pagpupuyat.. hindi ko din po sinasabi sa post kong ito na kung ang anak ko ay nagka seizure ay mrn dn ang anak nyo.. ang sa akin lng po ay iwasan natin silang gumamit ng matagalan ng mga gadgets.. ito po ay para sa kalusugan ng ating mga anak at para na dn po sa ating mga bulsa dahil hindi po biro ang gastusin pag naospital,” Collamar wrote.

To date, Mikayla still twitches from time to time and is currently taking maintennance medicines to prevent seizures.

To learn more about focal seizure, check out this link.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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