VIRAL: Jollibee rider brings medicine to sick customer

MANILA, Philippines - Through a viral Facebook post, a young mom has shared her touching experience with a Jollibee rider who went out of his way to bring medicine to her sick daughter.

VIRAL: Jollibee rider brings medicine to sick customer

Upon learning that her daughter had a fever, Shishi Cruz de Leon tried to contact her siblings to ask them to purchase medicine for her sick child since she couldn’t leave her alone in the house. However, since it was still early in the morning, none of them were able to respond to her messages.

Desperate to get medicine for her daughter, Shishi suddenly remembered a social media post wherein the Jollibee customer was able to request for medicine along with her order. Shishi decided to try her luck and included her request in the remarks section of her order. Still, she didn’t expect that her request would be granted since she didn’t receive any email confirmation from the popular fast food chain.

After some time, Shishi was surprised to hear someone knocking at their door. Aside from her order, the rider also brought her additional request.

“Nagulat na lang ako may nagsalita sa pinto ng "Jollibee po". Pinapasok ko si kuya. Nilabas nya yung order ko pati yung Tempra. Naiiyak talaga ko pagkakita ko non kasi hindi ko inexpect na pagbibigyan ako,” Shishi recounted.

Grateful for the rider’s act of kindness, Shishi decided to share photos of the rider whom she identified as Aaron on her Facebook post. The moving story has since gone viral amassing over 30,000 shares and more than 200,000 reactions as of writing.

“Sobrang salamat talaga Sir Aaron. Hindi sya nanghingi ng kahit anong kapalit. Tinanong ko siya kung anong pwede kong gawin para sa kanya. Sabi niya, sulatan ko na lang ng commendation yung likod ng resibo. Nagrequest na din ako kung pwede ko siya picture-an para makita ng Jollibee kung anong ginawa niya,” Shishi wrote.

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-- Mini, The Summit Express

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