It’s all over! The Golden State Warriors are 2017 NBA Champions!

MANILA, Philippines - Ladies and gentlemen, your 2017 NBA World Champions, the Golden State Warriors! The Dub Nation celebrate as its team beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to clinch its 2nd title in 3 years!

The Warriors are 2017 NBA World Champions!
Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry celebrate as they beat Lebron James and the Cavs and clinched their 2nd world title in 3 years.
The Cleveland Cavaliers have been in the similar situation where the Golden State Warriors are up in the series 3-1. But lots have changed since last year especially that the Warriors are now with the prolific scorer and all star Kevin Durant. The Cavs on the other hand have increased their fire power in Kyle Korver and Deron Williams but the two latest addition to the team doesn't perform on top of their abilities and the reason why Cleveland is on the verge of losing their crown.

Obviously, the Cavs carried the momentum from game number 4 to their do-or-die game game 5. But the Warriors aimed to finish the series off so they don’t need to head back to Cleveland Ohio for game 6 and possibly derail their campaign as history can always repeat itself.

Bad news hit the Cavs’ bench as Kevin Love picked-up his 2nd personal foul with over 8 minutes remaining in the opening period. It was however compensated as Cleveland made a 9-0, 13-9 run that signaled Coach Steve Kerr to call a mandatory timeout.

Lebron James had already tallied a dozen points with 6 more minutes remaining in the first while Tristan Thompson who became inconsistent in the finals already bagged 4 for the Cavs lead.

Stephen Curry’s 12 chopped Cleveland’s margin of as high as 8 and took back the lead 31-30. Coach Ty Lue’s unorthodox play call of fielding in 5 guards in order to give rest to his big men somehow paid him off as they ended the first period with a 4-point advantage, 37-33.

Lebron was off to a good second quarter start as he quickly added 4 more points and a breakaway dunk over Kevin Durant. Despite the slam, James got frustrated at the referee for a non-call that could’ve sent him to the line for a bonus free throw.

Kevin Love was missing in action in this game. Along with his 2 early fouls, Love hasn’t contributed any point and even missed his free throws.

Kevin Durant landed a clean and long three that snatched the lead away from Cleveland, 45-43. Durant had already posted his 14th point with that trey and the Warriors made a 12-2 scoring run.

Golden State posted their biggest margin of the game with 12, 57-45 with 4 minutes left in the game. Stephen Curry initiated the attack who drained baskets from the inside and outside. The Warriors didn’t stop with a dozen lead, they even bucketed more points and wanted to bury the Cavs to clinch their 2nd title.

At 3:08 of the second, players and coaches stormed the floor as physical and unnecessary contacts occurred after David West and Kyrie Irving battled for the loose ball. Tristan Thompson and JR Smith however, jumped in and both shoved West that prompted the commotion. West, Thompson and Smith were all called for technical fouls.

The Cavs with the help of JR Smith’s 2 triples managed to cut the 17 point lead down to just 11 as both squads closed the first half 71-60.

JR Smith extended his shooting prowess in the third. Smith was immaculate in the three point area with 4 out of 4 and was able to cut the lead to a single digit 79-71.

Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala teamed-up to widen their gap and kept Cleveland trailed. However, the Cavaliers caught up and found themselves within 4 points.

Good job for the Cavs as they prevented the Warriors in ramping-up their lead. Golden State’s lead was downed to just 5 at the end of the third quarter. Kevin Durant and Lebron James lead their specific teams with 28 and 27 respectively.

Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant continued their scoring barrage at the beginning of the final period while Kevin Love made his first points of the game at the 10th minute mark of the 4th quarter.

The Cavaliers became defenseless in the mid part of the last quarter as they gave plenty of easy baskets and mostly uncontested dunks to Golden State. The Cavaliers tried to prolong the series by trailing the Warriors with 10 points with 7:48 remaining.

Kevin Durant was simply unstoppable since game number 1. Halfway of the quarter Durant has already scored 39 points and his team was up by 12 again.

And that’s it, the Golden State Warriors win the series 4-1, 129-120 and Kevin Durant winning the unanimous finals MVP award.

--Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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