VIRAL: PWD who was reportedly refused entry at McDonald’s goes to Jollibee to get a meal

MANILA, Philippines - A certain branch of McDonald’s is now at the center of controversy after a video showing their store security guard refusing the entry of a person with disability (PWD) emerged online.

According to Vilma Nikki Dunn, the security guard didn’t allow the potential customer to enter the branch since he reportedly mistaken him as a beggar. A video of the incident was posted by Dunn on her Facebook page and quickly went viral.

PWD who was reportedly refused entry at McDonald’s goes to Jollibee
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Vilma Nikki Dunn
Dunn claimed that the security guard even tried to mock the man using hand gestures that indicates he’s an addict.

“The guard won't let him in seeing that he is a beggar with a disability. The man was pointing at the counter trying to explain that he wanted to order some food. The guard even tried to mock him with his hand gestures that says he's an addict,” Dunn narrated.

Seeing that his efforts were futile, the man eventually left the store and went to a nearby Jollibee store to try his luck. Dunn, who followed the man, said she witnessed how the latter was treated well in the Filipino-owned fast food chain. She also posted photos of the incident on her page.

“The man finally gave up and left. I tried to approach the guy to help him get some food inside but he already crossed the street. I went after him but I have to do a U- turn. By the time I got near, he went inside Jollibee, and I observed.... The staff at Jollibee were more than welcoming. They even help the guy to count his money in loose change,” Dunn said.

As of press time, McDonald’s management has not released an official statement regarding the incident.

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-- Mini, The Summit Express

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