Nickelodeon theme park in Coron to push through - DOT

    MANILA, Philippines - Department of Tourism (DOT) secretary Wanda Teo has recently confirmed that the planned Nickelodeon theme park in Coron, Palawan will push through despite fierce opposition from conservation groups in the Philippines.

    According to Teo, Viacom International Media Networks and partner Coral World Park Undersea Resorts Incorporated assured that the project would not damage nor destroy corals and the marine ecosystem in Coron.

    Nickelodeon theme park in Coron to push through
    PHOTO CREDIT: Usapang Trending
    “But this one, no. They would be on top of the water. It will be floating, like a floating hotel, a floating restaurant wherein you will see the corals,” Teo told CNN News.

    Aside from the theme park, Teo confirmed that condominiums will also be built in the area.

    The DOT chief recently met with executives of the controversial project after various groups expressed strong opposition following its announcement last January. Teo emphasized that she was the one approached by developers.

    Philippines is “lucky”

    Furthermore, Teo claimed that the Philippines is lucky to be picked by the developers as site for the 400-hectare theme park which is expected to open in 2020.

    “You’re lucky because, actually, we were thinking of a place somewhere in Indonesia.' But they bid and it’s in Coron,” Teo said.

    The said project, according to Teo would be beneficial tourism in the Philippines.

    "From a tourism perspective, the DOT is excited about the idea because this would attract both local and foreign tourists,” Teo said.

    Still, Teo said that appropriate agencies will evaluate and decide on the matter.

    No formal communication with LGU

    Coron Counselor and Tourism Committee Chairman Michael Sadhwani stressed that no formal communication between the developers and the local government unit had occurred since their initial meeting.

    Sadhwani said: “As of today, we can't say if we're pro or against it because we haven't received any documentation.”

    “Obviously if they pass the process, walang problema yun... you have a right to have a business. (If not), obviously, hindi ka makakabukas ng resort,” he added.

    --Mini, The Summit Express

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