Cum laude graduate from UP takes various “rakets” to finish college

    Nowadays, poverty no longer hinders determined students from finishing their education. With various available opportunities, students can now support themselves while studying.

    Geoselle dela Cruz, who earned her bachelor’s degree in Tourism at the University of Philippines Diliman, has shared her struggles as a working student while earning her degree at the country’s premiere university.

    Geoselle dela Cruz cum laude UP raketera
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Geoselle dela Cruz
    Because of the financial difficulties of her family, Geoselle had to take various jobs in order to support herself and keep her UP dream going. During the course of her stay at the state university, the self-proclaimed “Diskarte Queen” worked as a tutor, dance choreographer, rappel instructor, thesis transcriber, research and student assistant, emcee, host and even as a dance contest host. She even sold preloved clothes and food items in or-der to earn money.

    “There are a lot of things I tried just to keep this UP dream going. Lahat ng raket na pwedeng gawin, I did. Tutor for 3 years, dance choreographer, rappel instructor, taga-transcribe ng thesis ng iba, pa-rummage sale ng own pre-loved clothes, R.A. dito, S.A. doon, sideline here, sideline there, back-up dancer, pati hosting at emcee rakets, judge ng mga pa-dance contests ni Mayor, benta ng pizza rolls, donuts, graham balls, oreo chenes at kung ano ano pang pwede ibenta,” she wrote in her viral Facebook post.

    Geoselle dela Cruz cum laude UP graduate
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Geoselle dela Cruz
    Despite taking various jobs, Geoselle learned that it was God who truly provided all her needs.

    “I’ve learned that when all my “Diskartes” are tired, and when all the rakets are gone, there He is. The One who truly provided for all my needs since day 1—even when I do not ask, even when I do not deserve. And when I met Him, I lacked nothing,” Geoselle said.

    Towards the end of her post, Geoselle encouraged struggling students to endure and not escape challenges.

    “So please, do not escape hard times. Do not invalidate your struggles. Do not be afraid to fail. Make your failures your footstool. Do not take shortcuts to success. For in the shortcuts, you might miss wonderful things, people & experiences He has placed in the way for you. The becoming is always more important than the being.”

    Check out her inspiring message below.

    And to all my limitations, I have found a limitless God. <3

    Para sa lahat ng araw na maski pamasahe sa ikot jeep,...
    Posted by Geoselle Dela Cruz on Monday, June 19, 2017

    -- Mini, The Summit Express

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