WATCH: Belo’s new ad will blow your mind

MANILA, Philippines - With the growing influence of social media on Filipino consumers, brands are becoming more aggressive in coming up with digital campaigns that will send netizens abuzz.

Belo’s new ad will blow your mind

Belo Essentials has recently launched Belo Intensive Whitening BB Body Cream, a spray-on make for flawless arms and legs, through a bold and empowering ad shared on its Facebook page on May 31. The controversial video campaign aims to highlight gender-neutral point of view on beauty.

In the beginning of the video, a sexy dancer wearing a short pair of shorts and stilettos is seen confidently dancing. After a few seconds, the dancer in the video is then revealed, surprising viewers.

Apparently, the dancer, whom everyone initially thought was female, is Dora Lulab Dorado. The young male dancer is a member of A-Team Philippines which won the 2014 World Hiphop Megacrew, and the 2016 Labyrinth Ball Vogue Performance Champion.

Belo Intensive Whitening’s brand manager Jeaune Padua said: “Belo believes that anyone can be beautiful—no matter what your gender, gender expression, or preference is.”

Padua added that their brand’s bold message was made more powerful by Dorado.

“More than being a buzz-worthy campaign, we hope this launch helps start the conversation on transforming the limited conventions and perceptions on beauty,” Padua said.

Here are some reactions to Belo’s bare and bold campaign.

“Very effective and intelligent move on your ad Belo Essentials congrats! Im happy to learn that this is more affordable than sally hansen hahaha the transpageant world will be most elated! Now I assume a pageant and party essential indeed!,” said Jane Roa.

A certain April Ann Cruzz Pajimula commented: “ yassi pressman new indorser ng bel0...hahaha..infairness ganda legs! “

“Was hooked on watching the legs and the moves. Really surprised by the model. Kala mo girl talaga. Well, girl with a well maintained legs! Ang galing pa ng moves!” Sreges Yram write.

What do you think of Belo’s latest ad?

--Mini, The Summit Express

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