VIRAL: Cebu Pacific employee in hot water for alleged discrimination

In the modern world where discrimination and the service industry almost automatically make for a headline, it is interesting how the issue seems to be prevalent. This is where a recent incident involving a Cebu Pacific employee allegedly profiling and discriminating a group of Muslim passenger comes in.

Cebu Pacific employee in hot water for alleged discrimination

In a now viral post going rounds in various social media platforms, a passenger in Hanifah Dalidig Bedar shared her experience in Laguindingan International Airport in Cagayan de Oro City while lining up to check in for her and her party’s Cebu Pacific flight.

As it turns out, one Cebu Pacific employee treated them unfairly while he was processing their documents. A supposed Erwin Ramayan treated them with disrespect, especially while asking for IDs from one of her Titas. During the whole debacle, Bedar admitted that she was not sure if the Ramayan’s sour mood was because of the number of people he had to accommodate or because they are Muslims. Nevertheless, she felt strongly that she had to say something about the matter. Unfortunately, when Bedar called out Ramayan, the latter feigned nonchalance and just continued with his work.

Bedar explained that she originally had no intentions of sharing her experience on social media However, she decided otherwise after she realized that she needed to stand up for herself and for everyone else who is susceptible to being easily discriminated not only in airports but everywhere. Therefore, she posted her story across her social media accounts which obviously drew a lot of attention from netizens. Thus far, the Facebook post has already garnered 12,000 likes, over 10,000 shares and almost 6,000 comments.

"Muslims po kami, pero hindi po kami terorista. Naiintindihan namin na may karapatan kayong magtanong, pero wag nyo po abusuhin. Magtanong kayo sa lahat at yung may courtesy. Pasahero din po kami na nagbabayad, tratuhin nyo din po sana kami nang maayos,” Bedar wrote in her message directed to Cebu Pacific officials. “Hirap na nga kami pumunta sa ibang bansa nang hindi tinititigan nang masama ng iba, pati ba naman dito sa Pilipinas? Reminder, mga Pilipino din po kami. Kahit wag nyo na kaming tanggapin na kalahi nyo, tratuhin nyo lang po kami bilang mga tao, sapat na po iyon sa ngayon."

The Summit Express has tried to reach out for Bedar for any additional information with regard to the incident. Sadly, she was not answering. Likewise, Ramayan and his camp were also contacted but they, too, have remained mum about the situation. Cebu Pacific has yet to release any official statement regarding Bedar’s claims.

Here's the full Facebook post.

cebu pac alleged discrimination of Muslim
cebu pac alleged discrimination of Muslim
cebu pac alleged discrimination of Muslim

--Ana Dumaraog, The Summit Express

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