Scarlet Snow's gorgeous babysitter draws attention

    Since Victoria Belo and Hayden Kho’s adorable daughter Scarlet Snow Belo was introduced to the public, people were quickly smitten with the red-cheeked sweetheart. Dubbed as one of the “it” kids of celebrities in modern times, the two-year-old has acquired a loyal following in social media - be it via her own Instagram account or via snippets of her in her dad, mom or friends’ online posts.

    Scarlet Snow's gorgeous babysitter draws attention

    But while Scarlet is known for her lavish lifestyle - bore out of the pampered upbringing that her parents give her, or her smart quirks that melt the hearts of people, her babysitter, at least a temporary one, has drawn the attention of netizens.

    In an Instagram update from Scarlet’s official account, a model appeared to have babysat the toddler during her most recent New York trip. As introduced in the caption of the snap, Brazilian bombshell Analu Campos spent time with the social media darling “giving me lessons on how to walk gracefully and how to pose for the camera.”

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    Netizens quickly flocked the 29-year-old’s own Instagram to do their own digging. Based on Analu’s model profile, she was originally wanting to be a Psychiatrist before she was sucked into the world of fashion and modeling. Mostly known for appearing in lingerie campaigns and magazine editorial, Analu is represented by Wilhelmina which is one of the most prominent talent management agencies in the world. She joins the ranks of other influencers and celebrities under the agency’s wings including Nicki Minaj, Nick Jonas, and Shawn Mendes. Interestingly, the group also reportedly offered to represent Filipina young actress Liza Soberano on the international stage.

    Analu is now based in New York as she proudly shares in her Instagram profile. Despite this, her online posts indicate that the brunette beauty has a penchant for the tropical sun, sandy beaches and nature overall which is why there could be a good chance that she is popping in the Philippines sometime soon.

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    --Ana Dumaraog, The Summit Express

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