Satisfy your Korean-inner-Seoul with Wendy's Kimchi Chicken Fillet and Loaded Fries

I’ll be honest here, I love Wendy’s and I might get a little biased.

Since we’ve been all hyped up with Korean culture, drama and entertainment, Wendy’s is here to support. Wendy’s just recently launched Kimchi Chicken Fillet and Kimchi Loaded Fries, delivering us a delicious palate of South Korea’s favorite flavor.

Satisfy your Korean-inner-Seoul with Kimchi Chicken Fillet and Loaded Fries

I’ve always liked the taste of Wendy’s burgers. Whatever it is, the burgers have always had a distinct taste that is genuine and unique. But with the new release, their giving chicken fillet a shot to their line of delectable choices. The toppings were fresh coleslaw and kimchi cheese sauce. The fillet seems more substantial, with an appetizing smell of fried chicken.

Kimchi Chicken Fillet and Loaded Fries

No matter how many toppings you put on a burger or what they are, all people really care about is the patty. The easiest thing to notice about Wendy’s Kimchi Chicken fillet is that it’s thick cut. The breading is thin complementary to the chicken which has some seasoning that gives relief to a real like chicken fillet.

Wendy's Kimchi Chicken Fillet and Loaded Fries

Eating this fillet, I came away impressed. The fillet was solid and I can safely say it’s my favorite among the chains. There is the crazy, premium seasoning taste you’ll find and it’s a key to good experience. The aforementioned toppings tasted fresh, were crisp, and complimented the hot, melty aspects of the kimchi flavored cheese sauce.

As a side note, I want to make everyone aware of the fact that Wendy’s houses one of my all time favorite burgers.

You can go all out by partnering the Kimchi Chicken Fillet with Kimchi Loaded Fries. It’s Wendy’s natural cut fries with a twist of thick and delectable kimchi sauce and crispy bacon bits. I bet it’s the bacon bits that made it all new to taste. Yum! Who doesn’t like bacon btw?!

Wendy’s Kimchi Chicken Fillet meal is under their Healthy Choices menu which costs P99 with regular Kimchi loaded fries and regular signature iced tea. Have it upgraded to large fries and drinks at P119. You may also get the kimchi chicken fillet and kimchi loaded fries individually at P65 and P55 respectively.

Did you also like the new kimchi-flavored burger and fries in town. Tell us in the comments.

--M, The Summit Express

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