LOOK: Man posts his heartbreaking final will on Facebook

MANILA, Philippines - During the final moments of his life, Victor Lagana managed to create his last will or “huling habilin” on his Facebook page. The heartbreaking post, which was later on filled with photos of his wake, has taken the social media by storm.

Lagana, a CNN account executive, passed away at the age of 43 on May 23. He was married with three kids.

Man posts his heartbreaking final will on Facebook
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Victor Lagana
In his lengthy Facebook post titled “My Huling Habilin”, Lagana wrote: “I may sound morbid saying this but I know the feeling when you already know deep inside of you that your soul starts to detach from your body na. So I made this quick sort of habilins.”

In his last will, Lagana specifically asked his closest buds, his Almeris friends, to take care of the details of his funerals. He requested to be cremated, be placed inside a beautiful urn and had his wake held at San Felipe Chapel. Lagana also asked them to display photos of him from his Facebook account during the wake.

“Gusto ko ung makikita nila eh yung buhay na ako,” Lagana wrote.

Since his money was allocated for hospital bills, he asked for his friends abroad to send funds in lieu of flowers.

“Tell them that the funds will be used for my funeral here in Manila and Bicol dinedeplete nila na funds ko because of hospital bills. It is my dying wish in lieu of flowers. The more abuloy the better. Daming bayarin after eh.”

He also asked for his wake to be held for three nights, and then his ashes be brought to Bicol so he could be reunited with his mother in her tomb.

Heartbreaking Goodbye

After saying his last will, he then thanked every group of people who made an impact in his life including his immediate family, siblings, father and closest friends.

But his farewell message to his children Nico, Bea and Sab has sent netizens teary-eyed.

“Its saddens me to let you all go this suddenly. This was not planned but I think its God, simply calling me that my mission on earth ends here. Now! How I wish I could still see my kids succeed on their own chosen field. I wish I could personally walk alongside with Nico as he embrace God's calling. Bless me Father Kuys! Bea realizing her Korean Trip & gone through all the places she desired to go. Wala ka na kaagaw manuod ng korean novela. Enjoy Be! And Sab and I's yearly bonding, accompanying her to the stage and receive her award every year. Go lang ng go nini kong maganda. Bear in mind my kids that education is the only treasures we parents can give you that nobody can take away from you. Continue to grow as God-fearing children. Continue to soar high. Please be strong and continue to love one another ok? and always honor your Mama. A simple I love you to her every night before you go to sleep will do. Please make her happy always for me. Promise? Pinky swear?” he told his kids.

He also left a heart wrenching message for his wife, Monic, whom he had been with for the past 21 years. They were supposed to celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary this coming August.

“This August would have been our 22 years wedding anniversary. Dream ko pa nman that on our 50th anniv si Father Kuys ang mgkakasal satin. Basta hon wag ka mawalan ng pagasa, andyan pa naman mga kapatid natin, relatives & friends na handang tumulong satin. Satin dalawa ikaw ang pinaka-strong. Kung gusto mo magasawa ulit go lang mumultuhin ko kayo hahaha. Pray ka lang and if you felt a warm hug ako un niyayakap kita. I love you so much honey,” Lagana wrote.

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--Mini, The Summit Express

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