VIRAL: Pre-Adolescent Kids Take Part in a Prenup Inspired Photoshoot

Over the last couple of years, prenup videos and photo shoots have become garnered more and more attention to the point that a lot of soon to be wed couples are getting them uploaded on social media platforms to commemorate the event. But while this has become the norm recently, a specific prenup-inspired one has been drawing the attention of netizens with the participants of the shoot still minor.

Pre-Adolescent Kids Take Part in a Prenup Inspired Photoshoot

The collection of photos is currently making the rounds on the world wide web, particularly on Facebook. All the snaps in the album have a watermark of Shantensity Photography. Unfortunately, the original source of the material cannot be traced as the credit is not found online. It could be that the watermark used is a made-up term and the supposed photo company that took the pictures does not really exist in real life.

In any case, the album consisting of 10 photographs of the prepubescent boy and girl have been keeping thousands of online users interested. As of now, the collection has already garnered 59,000 likes and over 42,000 shares. It has also raked in more or less 26,000 comments and has produced a lot of conversational engaging threads throughout the comments section.

Some users have purely enjoyed the photos commenting about how romantic they all looked. Others meanwhile relate them to their current state of love life regardless of whether they are currently in a relationship or not. However, not everyone was on board with the photo shoot.

There were some netizens who criticized the uploads deeming them inappropriate especially with the age of the partakers. A commenter cited that the kids should redirect their energies to their studies instead of already getting involved romantically - more so even taking part in what usually is an activity for adults.

On the flip side, it is important to note that there is no confirmation if the pre-adolescents in the photos are indeed together as a couple.

--Ana, Summit Express

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