Stalker willing to pay P11.4 million to make crush’s girlfriend leave him for good

    An obsessed woman who spent so much time stalking the object of her affection in all his social media accounts has allegedly offered to pay her crush’s girlfriend a whopping P11.4 million so that the latter will leave him for good.

    lovely “stalker” is willing to pay P11.4 million to make crush’s girlfriend leave him
    PHOTO CREDIT: Viral4Real
    The woman identified as Joyce Lee is reportedly a 38-year-old Malaysian who looks way younger than her age. Determined to win the heart of a certain Danny Tan, Joyce sends him messages including her pictures almost every day in his social media accounts. Joyce even managed to get hold of Danny’s contact number and would call him numerous times.

    What makes this story even creepier is that Joyce addressed Danny as “My Love” or “Hubby” even if he has a girlfriend.

    Annoyed by his so-called stalker’s action, Danny changed all his social media accounts and contact numbers. But his persistent admirer always finds a way to contact him.

    Joyce Lee
    PHOTO CREDIT: Viral4Real
    In a message Danny sent to Joyce, he said: “I really don’t know what to say to you anymore. Can you please not disturb me anymore? I’ve blocked all of your social media accounts but you still managed to find me. You’re really “amazing.” Please don’t send me anymore photos or messages, I don’t want to see them.”

    Unfazed by the hurtful words Danny told her, Joyce replied: “Even if you block me, I can open a new account to look for you. I also have multiple SIM cards to call you, so don’t even think of blocking my number.”

    Joyce Lee
    PHOTO CREDIT: Viral4Real
    Apparently, Danny wasn’t the only one Joyce was harassing. The obsessed lady also contacted his girlfriend and offered a huge sum of money just to make her break up with Danny. Despite the huge offer, his girlfriend Joey Tan proved that she was willing to fight for her love.

    Joey told her boyfriend’s stalker: “Give up already. He’ll never be yours and even if we break up at least he was mine before. Why should I break up with him? Just because you are rich? So you want to use your money to buy his love?”

    “You told me before you will give me RM1 million to break up with him, so where is the money? Otherwise why don’t you name your price and I pay you to get lost?”

    --Mini, The Summit Express

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