Spanish man apologizes to Pinoys for his ancestors’ wrongdoings in the past

MANILA, Philippines - Jonathan “Johnny” Barnreuther, a man from Madrid, Spain who recently visited the Philippines, has decided to do something tourists won’t normally do during their stay in the country.

Spanish man apologizes to Pinoys for his ancestors’ wrongdoings in the past
Photo courtesy of Johnny Barnreuther on Facebook.
On April 9, his last day in the Philippines, the missionary apologized for his ancestors’ wrongdoings during their 330-year rule in the Philippines. Barnreuther believes his gesture would help in the healing of the nations.

According to Barnreuther, he decided to ask for the Filipinos’ forgiveness as his country has never sent a leader to apologize, unlike US and Japan. He then sought the help of some leaders in the region and have them gathered in Kawit, Cavite, a place where the Philippines officially became an independent nation more than a century ago.

“So I got some of the leaders of the region together in the exact location where they became an independent nation over 100 years ago. So, as a Spaniard I asked for forgiveness for what we as a people have done to them in this historical place!!!” Barnreuther wrote in his Facebook page.

In the photos he shared on Facebook, Barnreuther can be seen holding the Philippine flag as a sign of respect for the country. The next two photos show him offering the flag while kneeling and bowing down to the region leaders.

His post has quickly captured the attention of netizens amassing more than 14,000 reactions and over 4,000 shares on Facebook.

“That's the same place where the first Philippine flag was raised..... a day of the Philippine independence from Spanish colony.... thanks for loving my country,” a certain Vaughn Basa said.

Roy Salud commented “Thank you Johnny. We really appreciate the gesture you did. You declared the voice of the people be given back to a place that is known as the mouth of the Philippines, how cool is that.”

Although Barnreuther is the first known Spanish man to ask for the nation’s forgiveness, a certain Gabriel Jimenez was believed to have sought the forgiveness of Filipinos when he went to the Philippines years ago.

“Great Jonny, nevertheless, years Back Gabriel Jimenez went to the Philippines and asked for forgiveness to dozens of pastors and leaders. I would say that you are one among others that already asked for forgivenes, and this is great!” Fernando Dantas wrote.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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