Selfless brother voluntarily skips a year in school to be classmates with disabled sister

CEBU, Philippines - Poverty and disability didn’t stop a pair of siblings from graduating together and coming closer to their dreams. An elder brother and a disabled younger sister from Looc Norte Asturias in Cebu captured the hearts of netizens after their heartwarming story went viral on social media.

Selfless brother voluntarily skips a year in school to be classmate with disabled sister

The tearjerking plight of the siblings was shared in a viral post shared by a certain Leonard Nunez on the Facebook page Cebu Citizen Report. According to the post, the girl identified as Ella Mae Belido is unable to walk and doesn’t have a wheelchair. Realizing that it will be difficult for his younger sister to go and move around in school everyday, her elder brother decided to sacrifice and voluntarily skipped a year in school to be classmates with Ella Mae.

Because of this set-up elder brother was able to assist Ella Mae by carrying her on his back.

The elder brother’s sacrifice certainly paid off as the siblings were able to receive their diploma together.

Moved by the siblings’ uplifting story, several netizens raised funds to be able to purchase a wheelchair for Ella Mae and make things easier for them. This meant that Ella Mae’s older brother no longer has to carry her on his back for her to be able to move around.

Moreover, the two also received grocery items from kindhearted netizens.

National Siblings Day celebrated in PH

Although widely celebrated mainly in the United States, National Siblings Day, a holiday honoring the relationship of siblings, was also observed in the Philippines particularly by netizens and celebrities who shared photos of them with their siblings.

Siblings Day Foundation founder Claudia Evart, who lost two of her siblings, decided to dedicate April 10 to the celebration of siblings around the world. Evart chose the specific date since it was her late sister’s birthday.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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