Inspiring story of teacher who failed several subjects in college goes viral

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”- Henry Ford

Inspiring story of teacher who failed several subjects in college goes viral
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Aimee Chavez Octaviano
If you’re someone who has experienced so many failures in life or is too afraid of failing, then the inspiring story of this Filipina teacher might just change the way you see failures.

Despite facing several challenges back in college, Aimee Chavez Octaviano didn’t allow these to get the best of her. In a viral post on Facebook, the University of the Philippines (UP) alumna detailed how she was able to overcome failures.

Just like many college students, Octaviano, who took up BS Mathematics and Science Training at the UP- Los Baños, also had a hard time passing some of her subjects. During her first year at the university, Octaviano experienced failing an exam for the first time.

“When I first failed an exam, I called my mom crying and she said "Ano ba 'yan Aimee, iniiyakan mo yan? Exam lang 'yan. I know you can do better" and those words kept me going for three more years. I passed all my subjects in the first year.”

But come her second year in college, Octaviano failed to pass two difficult subjects: Biology 30 and Chemistry 40. The following semester, she managed to pass Biology 30 but still failed to get a passing mark in Chemistry 40.

Determined to graduate on time, Octaviano decided to take the path less taken and “overload” for the next semesters. She also took midyear classes and waived subjects which had prerequisite courses she hasn’t taken up.

Several students tried to discourage Octaviano from taking too much subjects but failed to prevent her unwavering spirit.

“There were actually people who told me ‘Overload? Hindi mo kakayanin yan’, ‘Ang hihirap ng subjects na kukunin mo’,‘Ay nako natry ko na yan believe me susuko ka rin, babagsak ka.’”

Through hard work and determination, Octaviano managed to pass Chemistry 40 on her third take and was even included among the topnotchers of the exams. Even if many expressed their doubts, Octaviano earned her diploma and sablay just in time.

Today, she teaches Mathematics and Science and had successfully passed the September 2016 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (LET).

“Never let your failure define you. Cliché but true. Never let your failure make you lose track of your dreams and aspirations. You're on the right track. FAILURES ARE PART OF YOUR JOURNEY. USE THEM TO MAKE YOURSELF STRONGER. FAILURES ONLY MEAN YOU HAVE ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!”

Read her full story below.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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