Pizza store staff reportedly forced to purchase unsold pizza slices

MANILA, Philippines - A staff of an unnamed pizza store in the Philippines was reportedly being forced to purchase unsold pizza slices due to their store’s policy, based on a Facebook post by a certain Jhesset Thrina Enano.

Pizza store staff reportedly forced to purchase unsold pizza slices

In her viral post on Facebook, Enano narrated her encounter with a pizza store server inside a shopping mall. Initially, Enano planned on buying just two slices of pizza.

While the server was wrapping the pizza slices, she offered an entire box to Enano, which the latter politely refused. Although the server did not insist, Enano learned through their small talk that the server had no choice but to pay for the unsold slices based on their store’s policy.

“My eyes immediately darted to the warmer and saw 10 slices left. Ten slices! That would set her back around one or two meals, or cash for her commute home,” Enano wrote.

After hearing the server’s revelation, Enano then decided to buy an entire box containing 8 slices along with the two slices she initially purchased.

She also learned that the number of slices the server had to sell per day depends on the manager’s decision. However, the server will be solely responsible for paying unsold slices.

“People from the service industry face some of the most unjust, unfair and harsh working conditions. That includes contractualization, no job security, no benefits, low pay, seniority and even harassment from both their bosses and the people they serve,” Enano wrote in her post.

She then ended her post by encouraging netizens to “go the extra mile to be nice” to people from the service industry like local vendors, cashiers, salespersons and even Uber drivers.

The post has completely gone viral earning over 14,000 shares and more than 17,000 reactions since it was posted on Friday, February 17.

The story sparked outrage among netizens, with some questioning if such policy is a violation of labor law.

A certain Daniel Belmonte commented: “Unsold products should be accounted under spoilage costs. Either the manager is trying to pass the cost to the staff to make him/herself look good or unfair talaga yung company.”

--Mini, The Summit Express

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