How dark The 'Fifty Shades Darker' is?

Fierce. Bold. Seductive. That's how we can describe the second installment to the trilogy: Fifty Shades Darker. With every scene filled with intense and sizzling acts, even in little dialogues, we can be easily get caught with our eyes freezing in the screen. Yes. Every actions teases us, making us imagine beyond what is being shown. But how "dark" the film is?

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele
 Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Photo Credit:

Comparing to the first movie, this one is more interesting. It is not just the lust that takes the reel rolling, but how this lust can turn into love. This might not be easily accepted, but it's a fact that most of the movie goers are all excited in the love scenes.

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Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey are on it again - now without rules. As the movie goes, Mr. Grey is starting to unfold himself to Anastasia, inviting the latter to be with him in a masquerade. Meeting Elena, the "opener" to Christian Grey's "world," Anastasia felt a rage on what Elena did to Christian.

Another character in Christian Grey's life is Leila - a woman who "did" what Anastasia has been "doing" with Christian. She appears in the scenes as an odd, creepy girl staring at Ana. Submissive and obedient to Christian, Leila surrenders to him the gun after shockingly firing a bullet to Anastasia (which she missed) and kneels before him like a dog.

Meanwhile, in Anastasia's simple world as an assistant, here comes Jake - her boss. Appears as a good mentor at first, but later, he turned and showed himself as a man harassing Anastasia in the office. Running in tears to Christian which happens to be outside the office, she tells him what Jake did to her. After having the company acquired by Christian, Jake was easily fired and eventually was replaced by Anastasia because of her own skills.

Enough with the new interesting characters, the lust-turned-into-love story was highlighted by the proposal of Mr. Grey to Anastasia. And the answer is "YES" from the back of the keychain of Anastasia's gift to him for his birthday. With that all set, we can be prepared to the last installment. To those who haven't read the books, can you feel wedding bells? Hmmm. But surely, it will have more s*nsual scenes, all can agree.

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