Get hooked in 7 ways in 'I'm Drunk, I Love You'

Beer. Gin. Vodka. Whatever alcoholic beverage you want, name it. Drink it. After three shots, you can feel heating of your face. Three more shots and you'll feel blood pumping. Let's add four more shots, and you'll get tipsy. But still, overflowing shots, then you'll surely get drunk which can lead to many possible results. First on the list, telling the truth. Yeah. Bursting words that we can't say, with alcohol that can give courage to what we're hiding. Like "I love you."

Get Hooked in 7 Ways: "I'm Drunk, I Love You"
L-R: Jason, Carson and Dio of  "I'm Drunk, I Love You"
"I'm Drunk, I Love You" is an indie film that will surely hit your spot especially when you're a hard core drinker. Bestfriends for seven years, Carson (Maja Salvador) is always a best bud to Dio (Paulo Avelino). Until drunkenness leads her to bursting what she's unable to say for these seven long years. I love you.

Well played by these two artists, with the addition of Jason Ty (Dominic Roco) and Pathy (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), this film is a mix of romance and laughter. So, let's get hooked by the movie in seven ways.

1. Beer. Beer. And lots of beer.

Woah. Every scene has beer on appearance. Lunch. Dinner. Cozy nightout. In the room. Even in breakfast. You can feel the beer in every scene. As if you also want to join them.

2. Bagnet. Bagnet bagnet bagnet!

LSS with the way they're chanting this famous dish from the north. Put some 'atsara' and rice. Voila. I drooled. After the movie, I'm sure you'll crave for bagnet.

3. La Union

Waves. Beach. Music. What else can you want more. You'll definitely want to go to La Union after seeing the movie.

4. Letter H

It sounds peculiar for a common female name 'Patty' to have H in it. As in Pathy. Say it again. Pat-h-y. Pat-h-y.

5. Time check

Yes. Everytime Carson gets into some realization about her feelings to Dio, her BFF Jason Ty has his line - Time Check!

6. Bestfriends can't always be lovers

In the end of the film, they didn't happen to be lovers. Dio did not acknowledge back to Carson what the latter said to him. Just plain "Sorry."

Maja and Paulo movie
Photo Credit: Supreme/Philippine Star via "I'm Drunk, I Love You" Facebook page.
7. Graduation

Graduation. When you finished school. Graduation. When you're through with your feelings. Graduation. When you're free enough to be happy and move on.

WATCH: "I'm Drunk, I Love You" Official Trailer

--Rein, The Summit Express

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