Flower shop owner cries foul over “wilted flowers” story; claims flowers were given for free

MANILA, Philippines - Shortly after Valentine ’s Day, the story of a man who reportedly bought “wilted flowers” for P100 took the Internet by storm and earned mixed reactions. After receiving various comments from netizens, the alleged owner of the flower shop involved has decided to break her silence.

Flower shop owner cries foul over “wilted flowers” story

A certain Phoenix Rising, who is apparently the owner of the unnamed flower shop in Alabang Town Center (ATC), took to social media to disprove a certain Giulia Singson Zahar’s claims. According to Rising, Zahar fabricated the story as they “give away unsold flowers especially roses which would just go to waste” every year.

Rising stressed that ATC employees such as guards, sales personnel and cleaners are always welcome to take flowers for free.

“Ms. Zahar, Mr. Wilcon did NOT need to pay any amount such as PHP100.00 like what you said and so it was given free. Now, Ms. Zahar, go to ATC again and make rounds to the maintenance and security guards and try to PROBE on what type of wilted flowers they receive every year,” Rising wrote in her post.

She added: “Sometimes we even reserve it for them at the start of the day just for them to have something for their wives, girlfriends or mothers when they get home.

The flower shop owner also clarified why the supposed flowers given were wilted. Rising said that their refrigerator was so packed that it can no longer accommodate some flowers.

In the viral Facebook post by Zahar, she alleged the said flower shop of selling wilted flowers to a Wilcon staff for P100. According to Zahar, the ready-to-dispose flowers should have been given for free.

Viral post about a man who allegedly bought wilted flowers for P100 earns mixed reactions

“Why couldnt the owner let one customer go and forget for a moment she was trying to make another 100 bucks from wiltered flowers from this customer who only tried make his other one feel special the way every guy tried today?” Zahar wrote in her post.

Moreover, Zahar accused the saleslady of unfair treatment towards the Wilcon staff.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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