Majority of Pinoys distrust China, Russia; trust US, Japan

    MANILA, Philippines - A survey carried out by Pulse Asia has revealed that a big majority of Filipinos trust the US and Japan, while more than half distrust China and Russia. The survey, released on Thursday, January 12, was conducted from December 6 to 11, 2016, a period which coincided with the election of Donald Trump as the president of the US.

    Majority of Pinoys distrust China, Russia; trust US, Japan
    According to the results of the Pulse Asia survey, 76% of Pinoys trust the US, the country’s long-time ally. Last year, President Rodrigo Duterte announced his intention for a separation of foreign policy from the Philippines’ former colonizer. Following criticisms against his bloody war against illegal drugs, Duterte has been hostile towards the US and President Barack Obama.

    Meanwhile, 61% and 58% of Filipinos distrust China and Russia, respectively. After Duterte announced his intention to separate from the US, Duterte revealed that he will be seeking stronger alliances in the two American rival countries. In fact, during his state visit to China last year, Duterte amassed billions in investments and credit pledges and agreed to go into bilateral talks on the South China Sea dispute. Duterte also vowed to purchase firearms and weapons from Russia and is set to visit the country in April this year.

    On the other hand, 70% of Filipinos said they trust Japan. The country’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in the Philippines on Thursday for a two-day visit.

    The survey also showed the 74% of Filipinos trust the United Nations. The country’s firebrand leader earlier criticized the body for supporting a “stupid proposition” against his government’s war against illegal drugs.

    The poll also showed that 55% of Filipinos distrust Great Britain, while 50% trust or 47% distrust the European Union.

    The nationwide survey used face-to-face interviews with 1,200 adults respondents with an error margin of +/- 3%.

    --Mini, The Summit Express
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